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Syria: Russia Again Rejects One-Sided UN Resolution

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Russia will Vote against next hypocritical Resolution on Syria.

The Russian Federation will vote against the new UN resolution on Syria. Russia will not support a new resolution of the hypocritical U.N. General Assembly on Syria and as the Russian Foreign Ministry has published in a statement on Saturday (April 13), they will again vote against this resolution on Syria.

The Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow said in this statement that Moscow is concerned about the possibilities of a new escalation of tensions and confrontations around the so-called “Syrian issue” at the United Nations (UN).

Some countries, so the Russian Foreign Ministry, have already prepared a draft resolution of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly on Syria and they want to put this resolution to the vote shortly.

This document is clearly one-sided again. Just like the previous two resolutions of the U.N. General Assembly on Syria. The Russian Foreign Ministry will not support a hypocritical and one-sided resolution on Syria.

Moscow made it clear in its statement about the their vote against this next false resolution of the UN General Assembly that the United Nations have again placed all responsibility for the tragic developments in Syria on the side of the Syrian government in Damascus and that this is not to accept because it is contrary to all the obvious facts. Even contrary to all facts which were already confirmed by authoritative international organisations.

These international organisations have already exposed unlawful actions of the armed groups and militants of the foreign-backed opposition forces as well as acts of terrorism by these (UN-backed?) militants in Syria.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow, the Russian Federation will not support this next one-sided draft resolution of the UN General Assembly on Syria and again vote against it.

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