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Syria Railways Rehabilitate 183 Kms of Railroad and 53 Bridges in Hama

Syria railways - economy sanctions rebuilding rehabilitation

Syrian Railways Corporation, public company, rehabilitated the railway network in the province of Hama, in central Syria, after the network was severely damaged and systematically targeted for looting and sabotage by NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda and affiliated terrorist groups over the past 9.5 years.

The terrorists, dubbed by western officials and western mainstream media as ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘peaceful protesters’ sabotaged the network of railways and its facilities throughout the country wherever they managed to infest; the railways network in Hama is part of the main railway network destroyed where the terrorists had direct access to its rails and its supporting stations and buildings, including the residential housing units used by the operating company’s workers and their families, communication and electricity cables, and the electric and light towers and supporting bridges along its lines.

Teams of the Syrian Railways Corporation went to work instantly after each segment of the network was liberated and secured from the terrorist attacks, starting with an intensive survey to evaluate the damage and set the plans for the rehabilitation process taking into consideration the limited access to materials due to the continuous sanctions imposed on the country by the hypocrite western humanitarian regimes of NATO and ilk, and due to terrorists controlling other regions of the country, especially in northern Syria.

Not waiting for sanctions to be lifted or ‘allies’ to seriously engage in assisting the country, the Syrian Railways Corporation rehabilitated and rebuilt 53 bridges along the network railroads, one of the bridges is 440 meters long, 77 flyover crossings, and 20 road crossings. 500 meters of railways bars were replaced manually due to the lacking of needed equipment.

The 183 kilometers of the railroad in the province of Hama is now back to work carrying passengers and goods across the main stations including 142 kilometers between Sinaisil station north of Homs province to Aleppo countryside entrance, 22 kilometers Hama – Mhardeh railroad, 3.5 kilometers Hama – Zara which supplies the electric station in Zara electric power station with fuel, 6 kilometers Hama – Steel and Iron Corporation station to transport raw materials, 5 kilometers Hama – Maardes Mill, 2.5 kilometers Qamhana – Maardes Mill, 1.5 kilometers for Sinjar silos.

There are 7 main stations along the Hama railroads which were rehabilitated and are now back to work.

Railways play a large role in supporting the Syrian economy, the economy which was systematically targeted in all its sectors by the NATO-sponsored ‘freedom fighters’ to export ‘democracy’ to the Syrian people and to free them from their lives at the hands of the worlds worst groups of subhuman terrorists of ISIS, Nusra Front, and the other terror groups operating under the FSA umbrella of ‘moderate rebels’.

The Syrian economy also suffers badly from the US and EU draconian sanctions and blockade imposed by the hypocrite western countries which floods the United Nations headquarters with their crocodile tears whenever the Syrian army starts a military operation to fight their terrorists.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    God bless those men Syria’s silent unknown soldiers rebuilding their country in spite of all the challenges and terrorist threats.


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