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Qatar Leaks: Qatari Employees Demand to Raise the Salaries

On the margin of the documents form the electronic post of Qatari Foreign Ministry, which was hacked by “Syrian Electronic Army”, were published in the coordination between Breaking News Network and the Lebanese Newspaper al-Akhbar, SEA  has published about 30 electronic posts of the secondary leaks, which consider less important than what will be published later on the specialized site for theses leaks “”

These documents show the requests that have been send to Qatari directorates and institutions, one of them is about demands to rais the salaries of the employees and the other is for exchanging clothing allowance
In Rost document of “Secret” word, the charge of Qatari Embassy works in Asmara of Djibouti the “moralist brother” Muhammad Said al-Tamimi the director of Finance and Administration has demanded to raise the salaries for each of Ne’mah Muhammad Ahmed and Ne’ma Hamad Burhan, who work as a cooker and labor in the house of the ambassador, in addition to tow other employees 

Whereas the employees of Qatari embassy are still waiting for exchanging clothing allowance for them, at the same time of the departure of the Qatari Ambassador in Bern for “paid” vacation, according to the demand that was sent in 31-12-2013, and according to the documents in the same date that was the final day for Muhammad Ahmed Ibrahim mission , who is the envoy minister of the Qatari ambassador in Seoul Ali ben Hamad al-Mari  
It seems that the greed has infected the Qatari employees in the embassy of Asmara, who demand again to raise their salaries in a book that was sent to the director of the Finance and Administration  “in the acting” in 3-1-2013, after they have justified that by the existence of a sentence about the additional job that enable them to spend money through it
And there are still a lot of other documents by the same token of demands and vacations and returning of “paid” vacation proceedings

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