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Syria: Plenty Palestinians joined Syrian Army in Fighting the Terrorists

Yarmouk camp, Damascus, Syria

According to a new report by Press TV, many Palestinian refugees in the area of the Syrian capital Damascus have joined the Syrian Arab army (SAA) in order to fight alongside the soldiers against the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists and to maintain and increase the security of their families – especially to further increase the security in and around the Yarmouk refugee camp of the Palestinians in Damascus.

The Yarmouk refugee camp is the largest Palestinian camp on Syrian territory and thus, it is the home for the largest community of Palestinian refugees in Syria. The camp, which is located near the capital Damascus, became a hot spot area in the region of Damascus (ash-Sham) shortly after the beginning of the foreign proxy war and terrorism in the Arab nation in 2011.

However, the area of the Palestinian refugee camp, the Yarmouk camp, is nowadays a bit more secure than it has been for a long time and in order to further increase the security and to be able to feel safe again in future, many Palestinian refugees have joined the Syrian Arab army (SAA) in the fights against the foreign-supported terrorists and Islamists and it seems they already were already able to make some important progress.

A Palestinian refugee from the Yarmouk camp near the Syrian capital Damascus told a correspondent of Press TV in this report that the Palestinians from the Yarmouk camp try to regain the full control of the camp near the capital and to regain their houses and to finally push all the armed terrorists outside of the camp.

The Palestinian refugee further stated that he cannot show his face to the camera because of the armed terrorists within the area of the Yarmouk camp near the Syrian capital and because of his family members.

In the case that this Palestinian would have shown his real face to the camera, the foreign-backed terrorists would soon receive a picture of him, together with his name and probably further information about him and his family, then the terrorists would start to search for his face or they would then already know where his family lives within the Yarmouk camp and kill them all.

This is sadly no horrible fairy tale, this has happened already too often and the armed terrorists receive the details about such “civilian targets” from interviews or television talks and debates by their criminal supporters and also from the external and staged “Syrian opposition”, based in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Palestinian refugee from the Yarmouk camp near the Syrian capital Damascus said in the end of the interview that everybody can see the large destruction that were caused by the terrorism and attacks of the foreign-backed terrorists. The video report by Press TV shows that the Palestinian refugee points toward the bullet holes in the walls but that are just minimal damages compared to the destruction caused by the armed terrorist groups near this area where the interview has taken place.

The Palestinian refugee from the largest refugee camp of Palestinians in Syria explained with his last words in the interview that nobody would cause such damages to their own house and thus, these armed “people are not from the camp.”

The protection and maintenance of the security of this Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus as well as the military operations by the soldiers of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) and the Palestinian refugees alongside them, is a very complicated task. The armed terrorists, still supported by Western and regional powers, will not relinquish their closes occupied area near the Syrian capital easily and there are a lot of reasons why the battles in the Yarmouk refugee camp are anything but easy operations for the Syrian army and the Palestinians.

Due to the way of construction of the Yarmouk refugee camp, the battles against the armed terrorists mean an urban warfare with slow progress because the battles and clashes take place from house to house and the narrow streets all the possibilities where the terrorists can hide, doesn`t make it easier for the Syrian army and the Palestinians fighting the foreign-supported criminals and terrorists.

According to the Press TV correspondent, the armed terrorist groups within the area of the Palestinian refugee camp near the Syrian capital Damascus have turned the most buildings and streets within the refugee camp into bunkers while the frontlines between the armed terrorist groups and the units of the Syrian Army and the volunteer Palestinian fighters are very close and the battles in order to finally push the terrorists out of the camp will take further time, of course. Such kind of urban warfare needs a lot of time and is a very difficult task for the attacking group.

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  1. Canthama

    This is the kind of news that weight heavy in favor of the Syrian Government, having Palestinians fighting the terrorists will bring place some pressure on the Arab League to move to neutral in this stupid war. More pressure from the Palestinian Governments in the West Banks and Gaza toward the Syrian Government could help a lot, to the global public and Arab Nations.

  2. Arklight

    I salute the camp residents for taking up arms, and for aiding the SAA in digging the rats out of the camp. Those folks know the ground and are fighting for their own homes and families, so they are a force to be reckoned with.

    The Syrian government has its hands full enough, without having to deal with pressure from outside beyond what they’re already having to deal with, besides which the stateless arabs in Gaza and West Bank have their own plates full enough – – while it’s true that international business interests are steering away from Israeli squatters, the people in West Bank and Gaza will have to deal with Israel before venturing further afield. The Syrian government went very far beyond what was required of it in providing an enclave that was, at one time, quite modern and well supplied with water and electricity; I think it would be a bad idea for outside influences to wear out the welcome of these brave people – – all in their own best interests, of course. What a sad, and universal, refrain that is.

    I truly tip my hat to the camp residents for their courage; beyond that, I think that it’s unreasonable to expect much more from them beyond establishing a local defense force to make sure that no rats burrow back into their homes.

  3. Nassir



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