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Abdullah the Chechen was Sent to Hell

Foreign mercenaries fighting the Syrian Arab Army & killing Syrians in the name of God

Should we start by discussing whether it’s a ‘Syrian’ revolution to start with or Al Qaeda terrorists under the cover of a ‘Free Syrian Army’ as how they were in Libya ‘Freedom Fighters’, in Afghanistan ‘Mujahideen’ then ‘Taliban’.. sent wherever NATO needs to justify an invasion? Or should we discuss what kind of Jihad they have against other Muslims and not any other Muslims, against the Muslims prophet Muhammad PBuH said they’ll preserve Islam when strife overwhelms?

Video with English subtitles, open in YouTube and turn cc on if required: 

Is this a proof that Syrian Arab Army is fighting mercenaries or not yet, you still believe the Syrian Army is killing their own families and the charity and humane US, France and Britain need to intervene to ‘protect’ then ‘democratize’ these people?

Sheeple stay asleep until led to the slaughterhouse.

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