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Syria: NATO Terrorists Continue Destroying a Sovereign State

Al-Nusra Front Terrorists

NATO terrorists working hard in Syria: An attack on an oil refinery in Tal Kalakh in Homs Countryside causing big destruction in property and machinery not to mention the side effects like electricity power cuts, a factory of explosive devices with large quantities of ready to use IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) discovered in Tadmour city (Palmyra), in the middle of Syria’s desert, a factory for chemical substances to be used in weapons in Jobar, Damascus countryside, a huge suicide bomber takes his own filthy life and the lives of many civilians in a bus station in Kanaker town, Damascus countryside, tens of people killed, many more injured and lots of destruction, all in one day in Syria.

All this terror is paid for by US, UK, French, and other NATO member states taxpayers, they think it’s better to destroy another country with their tax money instead of paying for their own well being, healthcare, pension, infrastructure, and jobs creating, then they claim they’re after ‘democratizing’ countries from ‘dictators’.

Video footage roundup by ANNA News without the ‘western corporate mainstream media’ fantasy shows part of the horror the Syrian people are enduring in their everyday lives for the past 27 months. Graphic images at the end of the video:

If you believe in Karma you will know that the terror you plot against others will return to you, if you believe in history facts, you’ll reach to the same conclusion, if you followed the news in the past 27 months about Syria you will realize there’s an additional factor that works mysteriously called the Syrian Curse, whoever plotted against Syria suffered losses and will suffer more: Turkish Erdogan, Morsi of Egypt, the Qatari duo Hamad the Emir and Hamad the prime minister, Hillary Clinton, Sarkozy of France with his maniac foreign minister Juppe and many others, your own economy is going free fall but you insist on financing terror to destroy another country. If you don’t believe in all of that, just sit, enjoy the crimes you commit as long as you can, it won’t last long.

NATO & Stooges: The group of evil against Syria
The group of evil against Syria
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