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syria moscow condemns massacre in aleppo as merciless crime

Jan 30, 2013

MOSCOW, (SANA)- Russia expressed its condemnation of and resentment towards the terrorist massacre which took place in Aleppo and claimed the lives of scores of innocent citizens, describing it as “a new merciless crime on the Syrian land”.

A statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday stressed the need for conducting a thorough investigation into this crime and identifying the perpetrators specifically.

“We express our deep sympathy with the Syria government and people and the victims’ families,” the statement said.

It reiterated Russia’s call upon all the parties to contribute to immediately halting the armed violence in Syria and starting an unconditional dialogue based on Geneva Statement issued on the 30th of last June in order to save lives and stop the suffering of innocent people.

The Russian Foreign Ministry referred in its statement that “the bodies of the massacre’s victims were found in al-Queiq River in Bustan al-Qasr area in Aleppo where illegal armed groups are active.”

Terrorist groups from Jabhat al-Nusra in Aleppo carried out a mass execution against tens of abducted persons and threw their bodies in Queiq river in Bustan al-Qasr area in Aleppo.

The inhabitants have identified a number of the killed and confirmed that Jabhat al-Nusra abducted their relatives because they had rejected to cooperate with this terrorist group and demanded that its members leave their residential neighborhoods.

T he authorities, along with the inhabitants, are following evidence on this new massacre, which adds to a series of brutal massacres perpetrated by Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist group against unarmed civilians.

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