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Mikdad: Any Foreign Aggression on Syria will Have Catastrophic Consequences on the Region

Mikdad: Any Foreign Aggression on Syria will Have Catastrophic Consequences on the Region

Dec 07, 2012
DAMASCUS, (SANA)_Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr. Fayssal Mikdad, stressed that any foreign military aggression on Syria will be costly and lead to catastrophic consequences on the region.
In an interview with the Lebanese al-Manar TV Channel on Thursday, Mikdad said that a psychological war has been launched against Syria since the beginning of 2011, and those who think of waging aggression on Syria should consider the consequences of such aggression on the whole region.
Mikdad described the western fierce campaign against Syria over allegations of chemical weapons as “dramatic”, reiterating that if chemical weapons exist in Syria, they will not be used against the Syrian people definitely.
He expressed concerns over a western scheme to provide terrorists with chemical weapons to accuse the Syrian army of using them to justify the military intervention.
Mikdad said that Israel stands behind the events taking place in Syria and the Arab region, adding that the U.S. administration is embracing the allegations of chemical weapons and all formulas that help rescue Israel from the impasse in which it has put itself due to its policies of occupation and settlement in the Arab region, adding that these are the main reasons for threatening Syria and sending terrorists from all the countries of the world, particularly the Arab countries which pledged to the U.S. to preserve Israel’s security.
He stressed that the solution to the crisis in Syria is a political one, adding that if countries hostile to Syria, especially the US and some western countries, want this solution, they should stop their support to the terrorism targeting Syria and its people since it contradicts international law.
He added that Russia asked Turkey to stop its support and facilitation of gunmen’s flow to Syria and called upon the EU and the US not to interfere in Syria’s affairs.
Mikdad said the ballot box will be the decisive criterion among all parties that will determine who will lead Syria, adding that Russia, which rejects any military intervention in any part of the world, cannot negotiate on the behalf of the Syrian people because it respects its sovereignty.
He added that there are some countries that came under the rule of Muslim Brotherhood groups are working to isolate Syria, pointing out that these groups support terrorism in Syria, unlike the peoples of these counties who support Syria and its people, and they will expose the reality of these groups.
Mikdad said that Turkey’s request to deploy Patriot missiles on the Syrian-Turkish borders indicates its bankruptcy, adding that the problem lies in the policy of the Turkish “Brotherhood” government towards Syria as Erdogan’s government appeals to NATO to interfere against the Syrian people who have good feelings towards the Turkish people.
He added that Turkey has armed the terrorists and called upon al-Qaeda terrorists to come and opened its borders for them to enter Syria, then it funded, harbored and trained them, but all this has yielded nothing on the ground that may give the impression that the Turkish government led by Erdogan is achieving its goals.
On the involvement of the Future Movement in the events in Syria and the confession of Oqab Saqr on supplying terrorists with money and arms, Mikdad wondered if Syria can just stand and do nothing while Saad al-Hariri and Oqab Saqr provide money and arms to terrorists to kill the Syrian people.
He said that the Lebanese government can no more adopt the policy of self-dissociation as terrorists are there in Lebanon, adding that when terrorism spreads in Syria, it will spread in Lebanon as well and the Lebanese leadership should be decisive in holding those responsible for supporting terrorists in Syria accountable as what is taking place is not a policy, but rather killing of Syrians.
He added that ”we warned of such thing seven months ago and presented documents on it.” Mikdad added that Syria is considering listing the names of those Lebanese criminals on the international lists of terrorism, adding ”we are also considering the possibility of addressing an official letter to the UN Security Council in this regard.”
Mikdad said that the French stances have become disgustingly hackneyed and supportive of terrorism, adding that all those who provoked hostility towards Syria, namely Chirac or Sarkozy, are gone and the Syrian leadership is still there.
”In case the French leadership sticks to its hypocrisy, it will also depart as it will implicate the French people in colonial attempts that have been long discarded by the peoples of the world,” Mikdad added.
”Saudi Arabia’s latest stances have no logic to them, and are devoid of any purported interest in the wellbeing and sovereignty of Syria. The Saudi ruling family sides with terrorism in Syria, that’s why we urge Saudi Arabia to change course and refrain from backing terrorism, because those who support terror will have a taste of their own medicine.”
He added that the stances of Arab governments on Syria do not reflect the stances of their own peoples, stressing that the Arab masses support Syria.
Mikdad added that some Arab governments have become mere tools in dealing with the developments on the ground, as no state which has no constitution or parliament has the right to criticize a country that has offered a great deal to establish democracy and uphold human rights.
Mikdad reiterated that the financial support, arms smuggling and media campaign against Syria won’t prevent the Syrian people from confronting the conspiracy.

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