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Syria Map and Report Detailing Current Military Advances in Homs Neighborhoods

The Syrian Military has advanced during their large Military Operation currently in progress in Homs, and now have control over many axis points for Terrorists Weapons and Arms which has been a transfered to the Syrian Military including the districts from “Arsal” in Lebanon to Al-Qaseir, eastern Al-Bouaideh, Abl, Kafr ‘Aaya through to “Jouber”.

Al-Sultanieh, Jouber and Kafr ‘Aaya neighbourhoods were the main source of material for many Gunman, which has now been sealed cutting off Terrorist Supplies.

The Information that we received is that in the coming days the Syrian Army is expected to announce the suburbs of Jouber, Al-Sultanieh and Kafr ‘Aaya as “Safe Areas”, which would also stop the flow of Arms to Terrorists within the City of Homs, in the neighbourhoods of Al-Khaladiyeh, Old Homs and Al-Wa’er …JA

A: Arsal, Lebanon

B: Al-Qaseir on the Syrian – Lebanese Border

C: Al-Bouaidieh (Eastern) in Rural Homs

D: Abl, in Rural Homs

E: Kafr ‘Aaya in Rural Homs

F: Joubar and Al-Sulatnieh in Rural Homs


– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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