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Syria: Mahdi Harati in Mali

The most comfortable man in traveling across the world, has left traces now in Mali. Wherever there’s a conflict involving NATO & its Al Qaeda tools you’d hear his name mentioned in small news references shipping weapons from NATO arsenal to Islamists fighting NATO to defend themselves from NATO invasion and airstrikes then the other way around! 
Libyan Al Qaeda Commander Mahdi Harati, At Your Service
Please don’t be confused, you have to believe in the ‘Conspiracy Theory‘ to understand how much you were manipulated by your own governments with your own money and your own volunteering activist style you turned yourself into wasting your time, efforts, feelings and creating enemies for your children. However, if you do not believe in the ‘Conspiracy Theory’ you can write in the comments below the job definition of the CIA for instance, beside being a charity organization spreading good around the world and fighting evil.
Turkish Erdogan & Libyan Harati after Mavi Marmara
Late Erbakan once said: ‘Erdogan & Gul are tools in the hands of Zionists’, then he died.
Don’t think we are against someone being an activist, that’s their total right, but don’t blame us when we defend ourselves from ‘activists’ to maintain our way of living under ‘oppression’ and ‘brutal dictators’ and away from ‘democracy’. 
(with English subtitles, you may need to view it on YouTube)
Mahdai Harati, more important than Osama Ben Laden, a master mind behind the Madrid train bombings in 2004 to an activist from the Mavi Marmara ship crew that stood against the savage blockade of the Israelis against the huge prison known as the Gaza Strip, back home to be a ‘freedom fighter’ against Gaddafi who wanted to ‘kill his own citizens’ then to be rewarded to become the second in command of the Tripoli Military Council, to get to Turkey and then into Syria to defend the Syrians against their ‘dictator’ who suddenly wanted to ‘kill his own people’ using ‘his own people’ and with the support of ‘his own people’, then relaxing somewhere on the account of the US Tax Payers, and a new task for him in Mali now to ‘?!’, sorry but I couldn’t establish yet whether he’s fighting the French helping the Islamists or helping the French fight the Islamists there, still the picture is not clear!
The irony is not in installing such assets to justify an invasion, it’s in those stupid herds of brainless or brainwashed Sheeple Jihadists and their sympathizers thinking they’re fighting NATO to defend Islam when they are actually fighting Islam to defend NATO. Those receiving NATO’s weapons, money from NATO and its stooges, smuggled by NATO’s logistics, having their crimes covered politically by NATO then used politically by NATO officials to justify the need of their extermination, glorified at first by NATO’s propaganda then demonized later by the same propaganda.
If you didn’t get it yet, allow me to make it clearer for you in 2 words: False Flag.
Infamous CIA False Flags operations: 9/11 – Pearl Harbor – The Arab Spring – Snipers in Libya, Egypt, Syria..- Somali Pirates – Al Qaeda in Yemen – Islamists wherever they appear… and many others.
Explains it all

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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  1. Arabi Souri

    Citizens of NATO member states should seriously try to impeach if not jail their lying politicians, this guy has so much blood on his hands not to mention the number of enemies to NATO states citizens & their children he created. More from last year about this 'federal official terrorist':


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