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Lebanese MP Oqab Saqer Admits to Being Involved in Shedding Syrian Blood

The Future Movement MP, Oqab Saqer, on Monday admitted to being involved in shedding the Syrian blood and destroying Syria.
After many days of silence, Saqer announced that the audio records published by the Lebanese al-Akhbar newspaper and broadcast by the OTV satellite channel which revealed the details of his phone calls with terrorist groups to supply them with weapons, stoke the situation in Syria and kill the Syrians are “true.”
He expressed pride in what he did and is doing which, according to his speech, serves Lebanon’s interest in the first place, without explaining what is the interest in destroying a neighboring country and shedding the blood of a brotherly people.
Left former Lebanese PM & current MP Rafic Hariri, right Lebanese MP Oqab Saqer
In an interview with the Saudi al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper, Saqer said that he is personally responsible for all his deeds. This statement contradicts a previous statement as he announced in a TV interview that the Future Movement leader Saad al-Hariri knew every step he has taken.
The Lebanese al-Akhbar newspaper indicated that Saqer is trying to anticipate what might be exposed later about his role in providing the armed terrorist groups with arms which lead to commit massacres against the Syrian citizens as well as about his involvement in other issues related to Lebanon.
The newspaper quoted close sources to Saqer as saying that he will take the position of attack instead of defending himself as he called for uplifting the parliamentary immunity and announced readiness to abide by the decisions of justice

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