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syria breaking news update december 32012


The European Union announces the shrink of the diplomatic activities in Damascus

December 3, 2012   9:44 PM

The UN draws its non-central members from Damascus

December 3, 2012   6:54 PM

Damascus Countryside: an attempt to target Tishreen Military hospital has been foiled

December 3, 2012   6:30 PM

The spokesman of the Syrian foreign ministry, Jihad Maqdisi, disappears and news say he ran away

December 3, 2012   6:08 PM

Putin: the west has to think about the claims of supporting the gunmen in Syria

December 3, 2012   5:42 PM

Putin: the gunfire on the Syrian-Turkish borders is a provocative act

December 3, 2012   5:41 PM

Aleppo Countryside: a car bomb blasts near al-Neirab checkpoint, causing martyrs

December 3, 2012   5:20 PM

Edlib: The Syrian Army announces Mahambal town of Jeser al-Shughour countryside as a secure zone

December 3, 2012   5:10 PM

Edlib: the water returns to the city after fixing the damage

December 3, 2012   5:05 PM

The Syrian TV has been suspended due to technical issues and will be up in several minutes

December 3, 2012   4:41 PM

Damascus Countryside: insurgents have been killed in Jisreen, Zamalka and Erbin

December 3, 2012   4:14 PM

Hasaka: militants have been killed near al-A’laf roundabout and al-Adra Street of Raas al-Ein

December 3, 2012   3:50 PM

Deir Ezzor: Syrian Army confronts insurgents who attempted to target the water station of al-Muhasan area

December 3, 2012   3:48 PM

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