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syria 20 gunmen killed in edlib military operations continue in daria

The Syrian Arab Army units continued the military operation against Free Army insurgents in several areas of Syria.

Our correspondent in Edlib stated that the Syrian Army moved forward in Mahambal town and will announce it as a secure area in several hours.

The operations in Edlib contained destroying 3 vehicles, province with machineguns and killing more than 20 insurgents.

Our reporter stated that 3 explosive charge, weighting 30-70 kg, that were planted by militants, have been dismantled by the engineering units of Syrian Army on Sarmeen road.

In Homs, severe clashes occurred between the Syrian Army and armed men in several neighborhoods of the city.

The correspondent of Breaking News Network said that 5 Syrian soldiers martyred and more than 40 gunmen were killed after targeting checkpoints for the Syrian Army in Aqrab and al-Sultania neighborhoods.

In Deir Ezzor, our reporter stated that fierce armed conflicts took place between the Syrian Army and insurgents in several neighborhoods of the city.

According to the correspondent, 6 militants, including the leader Ammar al-Sayyed, got killed in clashes in al-Naher Street.

Our reporter pointed out that the Syrian Army clashed with gunmen in al-Jbeileh neighborhood, causing more than 9 deaths of insurgents, including Hasan Mahmoud al-Khalifa.

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