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syria lebanese mp 3 airplanes headed to libya carrying syrian gunmen to be trained

Lebanese MP: 3 Airplanes Headed to Libya Carrying Syrian Gunmen to Be Trained
Jan 05, 2013

BEIRUT, (SANA) – Lebanese MP, Assem Qansouh, revealed on Saturday that three airplanes headed to Libya through Lebanon carrying Syrian gunmen to be trained there.
In an interview with al-Sharq al-Jadid News Agency, Qansouh warned of the dangers of such information which coincides with the clear discovery of the existence of training camps for the armed Syrian opposition in Lebanon.
“Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, we have talked about the existence of al-Qaeda, money and weapons in Lebanon, in addition to the ships; the situation has become clear after the intervention of Oqab Saqer and Saad al-Hariri through supporting the armed gangs in Syria,” Qansouh said.
He confirmed that members of the so-called ‘Free Army’ militias were provided help and support through al-Qaa area and North Lebanon, adding that the injured members have been treated, with some are still in Lebanon while others went back to fight in Syria.
The Lebanese MP called on the Lebanese government to make necessary procedures to maintain security and identify the training center, calling on the Lebanese army to contain and imprison the gunmen.

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