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Syria: 14 Civilians Killed in Mortar Attack Near Damascus

Syria: Bomb attack in al-Mleiha

Syrian army regains control about further villages in Lattakia countryside.

A mortar attack, carried out by a group of foreign-backed terrorists near the Syrian capital, Damascus, killed at least 14 Syrian civilians yesterday evening. This is the next horrible attack by a group of Western-sponsored terrorists in the area of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

And again, a group of terrorists has wilfully targeted attacked Syrian civilians and carried out this new mortar attack near Damascus in order to kill civilians and nothing else. The foreign-supported terrorist group did not targeted attack Syrian soldiers or officials, they have targeted attacked Syrian civilians and killed at least 14 Syrians near the capital – in the district of Mleha.

However, it is to expect that the death toll of this gruesome attack against Syrian civilians will increase in the upcoming hours.

The biased news agency AFP reports that among the killed Syrian civilians due to the mortar attack by a group of terrorists were at least four Syrian children. The horrible incident happened in the district of Mleha, which is located in the southeast of the Syrian capital Damascus, yesterday evening.

Of course, the questionable source of AFP blames the Syrian Arab army (SAA) for the attack against Syrian civilians in the district of Mleha, southeast of the capital, Damascus. However, that the Syrian army units attack Syrian civilians with mortar fire in order to clear an area from armed terrorists, as the source has mentioned, seems far-fetched – especially in this district of Mleha near the capital. However, that AFP is reporting it, comes as no surprise.

The coverage of the Syrian conflict by the news agency AFP was always a coverage based on double-standards and propaganda as well as on the use of false information.

While the source of the AFP report on the killed Syrian civilians by the mortar attack in Mleha, near Damascus, belongs to the so-called external “Syrian opposition”, the officials of the Syrian military have not yet commented on the attack and the sad results of the at least 14 killed Syrian civilians, including some children.

However, as stated, it seems far-fetched that the source of the AFP reports is telling the truth, beside the fact that again Syrian civilians and even children were wilfully killed in Syria. Under consideration of the situation in the recent weeks in the region of Mleha in the southeast of the Syrian capital, Damascus, the only possible explanation is that a group of foreign-supported terrorists has again fired mortar shells in an area filled with Syrians and killed them.

That the units of the Syrian army use such methods in this area to clean specific areas seems very far-fetched, also under consideration of the mop-up and cleansing operations by the Syrian forces in the strategically important city of Homs or the military operations in the former important economic centre of Syria, the city of Aleppo (Halab).

Beside the missing information by the Syrian military, the Syrian government in Damascus has also not yet commented on the killing of further Syrian civilians by mortar fire near the capital. However, an official statement by both sides is to expect soon. That so-called “opposition watchdogs” blame the killing of Syrians on the Syrian Arab army (SAA) comes as no surprise, does it?

The term “opposition” is certainly also a wrong term in these circumstances and the over two years ongoing violence and massacres by the “opposition forces” on Syrian soil. A opposition is either peaceful or it`s no opposition, but a violent movement and no political group. The external “Syrian opposition”, a staged organisation in order to have a political platform to have a better position for the propaganda against the secular Syrian government, because Western people love oppositional groups with good ideas for the people, has still to learn what democracy means.

In addition, many of the so-called members of this external “Syrian opposition” have to learn what secularity means and to leave their sectarian hatred behind.

Clashes in suburbs of Damascus

Meanwhile, several clashes are taking place in some suburbs of the Syrian capital, Damascus. According to reports, there are currently some clashes between the Syrian Arab army (SAA) and the foreign-backed terrorist groups in the suburbs of Yabrud and Rankus in the north of Damascus as well as in Muadamiya al-Sham, which is located in the southwest of the Syrian capital.

However, the outcome of these clashes between the Syrian army units and the terrorist groups will be, beside the damaged buildings (etc.), in favour of the Syrian units. The Syrian army has already gained ground in the current clashes against the foreign-supported terrorists in the mentioned suburbs of the capital, Damascus (Muadamiya al-Sham, Yabrud and Rankus).

Syria: Bomb attack in al-Mleiha
Syria: Bomb attack in al-Mleiha (archive)

Syrian army regains control about villages

In addition, other units of the Syrian army have successfully regained the control of some Syrian villiages in the western area of the Syrian city of Latakia. According to the correspondent of Press TV in Syria, the units of the Syrian army were able to regain the control about the following Syrian villages in the western city of Lattakia (Latakia):

Karm Aramo, Obeen, Abo Mekkeh, Tallet al-Khudur and Tallet Habs al-Dam.

The correspondent of Press TV is on site in Syria, and thus, it makes not much sense to put his information into questions. The information about the success of the Syrian forces in the western city of Lattakia (Latakia) and that several units of the Syrian army were able to regain the control in Tallet Habs al-Dam, Tallet al-Khudur, Obeen, Abo Mekkeh and the village of Karm Aramo show the
continued success of the military operations by the Syrian army. However, it will still need a long time to really regain the control about all regions in Syria.

At least, Karm Aramo village, Obeen, Tallet Habs al-Dam, Tallet al-Khudur and Abo Mekkeh are now under the control of Syrian army units.

The correspondent of Press TV further said that again some foreign nationals in the ranks of the foreign-backed terrorist groups were killed in the clashes in the countryside of Lattakia (Latakia). According to the Press TV correspondent, among the killed foreign nationals were a Tunesian and a Qatari.

As stated, both were killed in the fights of the Syrian army units against the terrorist groups in the western area of Lattakia (Latakia). The documents were seized by the Syrian soldiers and the weapons of the terrorists were destroyed.

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