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Iran’s Majlis Speaker: Israel Wants to Divide Muslims

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Israel and the West seek to divide Muslims: Iran’s Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani.

The Majlis Speaker of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ali Larijani, said in a new statement in regards of the violent events in Egypt as well as the bombing in the Lebanese capital Beirut that the Israeli regime wants to divide the Muslims and to create rifts among the Muslim community.

However, one may also be able to add the Syrian conflict to the examples that should underline the statements of Ali Larijani.

Syria and the Salvador Option

At least, in terms of the attempt by several foreign sides to implement the so-called “Salvador option” in Syria in order to boost the possibility to send the current Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad to hell, but up to now, it seems the attempt of the implementation of the “Salvador option” has even caused the opposite effect.

The Syrians in many villages finally fear the sectarian rage of the foreign-supported terrorist and jihadist groups, and thus, they do support the secular Syrian Arab army (SAA), which consists of all parts of the society, and (at least) Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. The attempt to implement the “Salvador option” in Syria has been confirmed to be counterproductive for the objectives of the backers behind the terror- and jihadist groups in Syria.

The majority of the Syrian people came close together while being faced with the sectarian rage and violence of the foreign-backed terrorists and al-Qaeda-linked Islamists on Syrian soil. Further, the perpetrated massacres, the bloodshed and violence by the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists have even boosted this effect within the Syrian society.

Of course, there are still Syrian provinces in which some civilians support the foreign-backed terrorists and especially the religious fanatics and Islamists. However, in regards of the developments in e.g. Syria’s Idlib (Idleb) in recent years, this comes as no surprise. While the larger cities in Syria represent a secular society, at least on the surface, some smaller areas and especially the province of Idlib are somehow closed minded when it comes to religions and sects.

The level of education, which is free in Syria, has not always been the best education. In addition, the jobless rate has already increased before the beginning of the Syrian conflict over two years ago. A poor education and problems in terms of money, better say, to be poor, increase the people`s relying on religion, especially in the Arab world that is in need of a real “awakening” and no staged “Arab spring” in order to pursue Western goals in specific Arab nations. This does not only apply in Syria, but is also very obvious in Lebanon and especially in Egypt.

Israel seeks to create rifts among Muslims

Iran’s Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani warned in his new statements from yesterday about plots of the Israeli regime and the attempts of some Western nations to create divisions among the Muslims worldwide. The Majlis Speaker of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ali Larijani, said in his statements that Muslims should not allow the occupation regime in Tel Aviv and other enemies of Islam to create divisions and rifts among the Muslim nations in order to serve their own interests.

The Majlis Speaker in Iran, Ali Larijani, condemned the recent bombing in the Lebanese capital Beirut, in which at least 21 people were killed and about 200 wounded. The massive car explosion targeted the mainly Shia-populated Zahiyeh area between the Beirut neighbourhoods of Roueiss and Bir el-Abed. Some already said that they assume that the Israeli intelligence was behind this bombing in Beirut.

Of course, Ali Larijani described the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah as a strong power and important force for the resistance against the occupation regime in Tel Aviv. He further described Hezbollah also as a major asset to the world of Islam.

Iran / Syria
Iran / Syria

In terms of the recent violence in the streets of Egypt, especially in the capital Cairo, the Majlis Speaker in Iran, Ali Larijani, said in his new comments from yesterday, that the recent killing of Egyptians in Cairo and other locations of the North African country would be a clear example of the Western and Israeli plots to create divisons in the Muslim nations, and thus, in the Islamic Ummah.

For example, the Iranian Majlis Speaker, Ali Larijani, said in regards of the recent killings in Egypt:

“The massacre of [the Egyptian] people has inflicted irreparable damage on Egypt which has a high position in the Muslim world, and this has fueled concerns about the Egyptian people and the country.

The global hegemony does not seek to resolve the Egyptian problem, and negotiations are the only solution to the problems which have emerged in this important country.”

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