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Chinese Style Houses in a Bangkok park

IBM, Oracle and EMC: Espionage in China?

China’s Ministry of Public Security and a government-near research centre are preparing investigations against IBM, Oracle and EMC in terms of an alleged espionage on Chinese soil, according to reports by several news agencies.

After the assessments of the information by the “whistleblower” Edward Snowden (PRISM, XKeyscore…), the Chinese government had to begin with the preparations of investigations against IBM and other companies.

The alleged whistleblower Edward Snowden has delivered information about the espionage activities of the US spying agency NSA in recent weeks.

The Chinese government made several assessments of the leaked information about the NSA by Edward Snowden and had to begin with the preparations against further investigations about the activities of foreign companies on Chinese soil, according to the reports.

The assessments by the Chinese government allegedly came to the result that the NSA has infiltrated several institutions of the Chinese government as well as many Chinese universities.
The Chinese newspaper Shanghai Securities News quoted a government official in this context as saying:

“Currently, many of our important information systems are dominated by foreign hardware and software companies due to their (United States) technical superiority, but the scandal about PRISM has brought security issues to the daylight.”

Since about six months, the United States and China are in a dispute on this issue and accuse each other of spying on behalf of their respective government. However, in case both governments are carrying out espionage programs against the respective government would be no huge surprise.

The U.S. administration in Washington even considered boycotts against China after a team linked to the Chinese army was uncovered by a US security company in February.

Chinese Style Houses in a Bangkok park
Chinese Style Houses in a Bangkok park

Now, the Chinese government has started with investigations against such known companies such as Oracle, EMC and IBM in regards of alleged espionage programs on Chinese soil and after the leaked information about PRISM and XKeyscore by the alleged “whistleblower” Edward Snowden.

Snowden is currently in Russia and it seems that he will be forced to stay there forever due to the ongoing manhunt of the United States.

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  1. Arklight

    This is one of those ‘You bloody my nose, I’ll black your eye.’ sort of deals. Red China has been hacking everything it can, and we do the same to them.


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