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Syria, Kanaker: Car Bomb Kills Several Syrian Civilians


Several Syrian civilians, among them women and children, have been killed by another act of terrorism in the Syrian town of Kanaker today.

A car bomb exploded in the mentioned town of Kanaker and killed several Syrian civilians today.

It is certainly not far-fetched that the foreign-backed terrorists are behind this next horrible car bomb attack in Syria that caused the death of Syrian civilians and thus, this act of terror, carried out by groups of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) or the Syrian Al Qaeda branch, was targeted carried out by one of these terrorist groups to hit and kill civilians in the town of Kanaker.

The car was parked near a mosque in the Syrian town of Kanaker, located in southern Damascus, according to a report by the Syrian state television. This is the second car bomb attack in a suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus within the last days. Already some days ago, a deadly bomb attack was carried out by the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists in another suburb of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

After the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) wins more and more battles and the units of the Syrian army are able to retake the control in several areas of the entire Arab nation, it is probably not a huge surprise that these terrorist groups go back to such acts of terrorism and carry out several car bomb attacks or other acts of terror against the Syrians.

In addition, it is also nothing new that such car bomb blasts or other bombs are aimed to kill Syrian civilians in order to spread fear and chaos among the Syrian people and to “confirm” that the Syrian government in Damascus under President Bashar al-Assad is still not able to implement a general level of security and protection, especially when such car bomb blasts or attacks are carried out by the terrorists of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) or the Syrian Al Qaeda offshoot (e.g. the so-called Al Nusra Front).

[googlemap src=”´sll=59.317499999999605%2C18.0659958725254&sspn=0.005567776854096556%2C0.02059948800197734&t=h&ll=33.24390910000002%2C36.1415435&q=Kanaker%2C+Rif+Dimaschq%2C+Syrien&spn=0.14601989278088476%2C0.23280388156324705&output=classic&dg=opt” width=”600″ height=”450″ align=”aligncenter” ]

As stated, after the recent success of the Syrian army units in their battles and fights against the foreign-backed terrorists, militants and Islamists, such increasing bomb attacks, especially in suburbs of the capital Damascus, were to expect. It was the same situation about a year ago. While the armed infighting between the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) groups, still supported by many foreign and regional powers, and the Syrian Al Qaeda branch increases from day to day now, there is finally not much difference for the Syrian civilians between both groups.

Mazzeh Car Bomb
Car detonated in Mazzeh residential neighborhood

The most Syrian civilians probably hunger for the times before the conflict in Syria has begun. Syria has been a very peaceful and one of the most secure states on the globe. The people probably have not enjoyed democracy, but not every society needs the kind of Western democracy.

Of course, the increase of new car bomb blasts like this new bomb attack in the Syrian town of Kanaker, which has killed several Syrian civilians, including children and women, is another tragically aspect of the conflict in Syria and tells a story about the kind of people that still receive much support by foreign and regional powers such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, Germany, France, Britain and Washington.

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