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Al-Qaeda FSA Detonates a Car in Mazzeh, Damascus

Car detonated in Mazzeh residential neighborhood (File Foto)

Terrorists from NATO’s Al Qaeda mercenaries in Syria aka FSA ‘Free Syrian Army’ detonate a car in the Mazzeh, Eastern Villas upper-class residential neighborhood in Damascus yesterday March 31, 2013, killing its owner and injuring a number of civilians at the location.

In details, a bomb was stuck by a ‘freedom fighter’ from NATO’s & Mossad’s Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria known as FSA or Jabhat Al Nusra, to a black Mercedes salon car. The bomb was detonated when the car owner entered his car.

Angry Syrians gathered in the location accusing the Syrian oppositions staying at hotels abroad in giving a cover and supporting such terrorist attacks. The mother of the targeted arrived at the scene of the explosion and wad devastated.

More in this video clip with English subtitles:

Picture of the car owner Thaer Sheikhani targeted by the freedom fighters:

Thaer Sheikhani killed by Obama's freedom fighters
Thaer Sheikhani killed by Obama’s freedom fighters

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