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syria investigation committee deliberately ignores governments documents on human rights

Mar 12, 2013

GENEVA, (SANA)-Syria on Monday affirmed that the international investigation Committee on the Human rights in Syria continues its deliberate ignorance of what has been presented by the Syrian government of documents and information while it sheds the lights on biased information taken from misleading sides affiliated to the armed terrorist groups.

“In spite of our continued warnings to the Committee, it repeatedly ignored reading the complicated geopolitical side of the region.. it followed a hatred sectarian campaign, rejected by the Syrian society,” Faisal al-Hamwi, Syria’s Envoy to the UN Human rights Council said in a statement during a discussion of a report by the committee on the situation of human rights in Syria.

Syria regrets the report as it is full of biased and misleading information, al-Hamwi said, adding that the committee underlined that some states have supported the armed groups with weapons and money .

“In its conclusions, the committee turned a blind eye to mention the reason behind the deteriorating situation in Syria; mainly the unfair unilateral sanctions imposed by a number of Arab and western countries on the Syrian people, the same states which pretend they are friendly to the Syrian people,” al-Hamwi said.
He added that the Committee has admitted it was not able to reach specific conclusions about the responsibility of the armed groups on cases of coercive disappearance due to the difficulty of contacting the families in Syria and this is contradictory to its assertion that it made interviews with witnesses inside Syria.
“If the committee was resolved that it has the right to submit recommendations that echo the essence of the international law, then why it didn’t recommend to include Qatar and Turkey in the list of the countries that support terrorism in light of the context of the UN resolution 1373 and other relevant resolutions,” al-Hamwi said.

He added that it became crystal clear to all that there were two main goals behind the war on Syria, first is dividing and changing it into an entity prevailed by destabilization to serve Israel which was not hesitant to interfere in the crisis and coordinate with Qatar, Turkey and the US to instigate war in Syria, while the second goal was ending the Palestinian issue.

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