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syria god bless the syrian soldiers protecting the people against terrorism

God Bless the Syrian Soldiers Protecting the People Against Terrorism

In the cold streets of Damascus, in Christmas time. I stopped on a checkpoint for the Syrian Arab Army.. and there was a soldier, a man, a great Syrian standing with the full gear..
Sparkling green eyes, brown skin after a difficult hot summer and red cold hands in this tough December.. He checked my ID, he looked at the trunk of the car and came to me asking with a tender smile on the face and very tiring eyes, he said: two things you have to do to let you pass:
1- Never drive without locking your car, for your safety.
2- Go to the Christmas Mass and pray for Syria..
All the world… All the words… meant nothing to me that second.. I answered with a tear and a smile.. I drove to the closest church and I lit a candle to him.. then I went back home and read in my Qura’an for him.. Then I felt that he is all the world and he will own all my words..
Love and peace my unknown soldier ♥ ♥

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