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Syria: German Journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter on Russia Today


The German journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter was one of the experts at Russia Today who spoke about the next bomb explosion in the Syrian capital Damascus today. Russia Today (RT) has as usual published the interview with the journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter on YouTube.

Manuel Ochsenreiter spoke about the car-bomb explosion in central Damascus today, where at least 15 Syrian civilians have been killed and over 50 persons have been injured in this next attack against the secular Syria and against Syrian civilians.

The blast happened near a school in central Damascus. This area is considered as the main business district of the Syrian capital and the Syrian Central Bank as well as the Ministry of Finance is located in this area in the capital of Syria.

The car-bomb exploded allegedly inside the gates of the parking lot of the Central Bank in this area and caused a lot of material damages. It is to expect that the death toll will raise and one can just hope that the most injured people will survive.

According to the Syrian state television, some guns shots had been fired in the air in order to free the paths for the ambulances because the situation after the heavy blast of the car-bomb was very chaotic, of course. This was the next attack of a series of suicide bombings and car bombs in the Syrian capital Damascus and it is clear that the so-called Syrian opposition forces are responsible for this bomb attack today.

A local correspondent told Russia Today (RT), this car-bomb could be the answer of the radical, armed and partly Islamistic opposition forces on ground in Syria.

Journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter about the car-bomb in central Damascus

German journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter, an expert on the situation in Syria, spoke with Russia Today about this horrible bombing in the Syrian capital Damascus. He called this kind of bombing a “morale bombing”, which is a known term for this.

The opposition forces and jihadists targeted Syrian civilians and even children with this bomb attack to decrease the morale of the supporters of the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad.

According to the journalist from Berlin, Mr. Ochsenreiter, this bombing, carried out by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), should show all Syrian people that no spot is safe anymore and that they can perform such bombings at every location in Syria / Damascus.

German journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter said, that the government control in Damascus is a general problem because it is not about a typical war in Damascus and even Syria. The Syrian government would have to secure every corner of Damascus but this seems almost impossible, sadly. Manuel Ochsenreiter has been to Damascus and Syria himself and already saw the situation there.

Finally, the German journalist also rejected the claims that the Syrian Arab Army would use chemical weapons and mentioned logically, that the Syrian army would be crazy if they would use chemical weapons. He also mentioned that the so-called Syrian rebels should be afraid of the situation when the truth finally comes out.

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