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Syria: Foreign-Sponsored Terrorism Caused 11.4 Billion Euro in Losses

Central Bank of Syria

The Syrian Minister Omar Al Ibrahim Ghalaounji said in a new statement that the foreign-backed terrorism in the Arab Nation has so far damaged about 9,000 government and state buildings (including schools!) and cost about $15 billion (11.4 Billion Euro) in losses in the public sector of Syria.

The Local Administration Minister Omar Al Ibrahim Ghalaounji said to a Syrian newspaper, which was published on Sunday in Damascus, that the damages and terrorism carried out by the foreign-backed terrorists between March 2011 and March 2013 are worth of $15 billion to the public sector and he further added in his statements to this Syrian newspaper that this is the direct result of all the “terrorist attacks” on government and state buildings as well as against the infrastructure within Syria.

Some time ago, the former Syrian Planning Minister has also made some statements about the cost of the crisis in Syria and the damages caused by the foreign-backed terrorism in the Arab nation. The Former Syrian Planning Minister Abdullah al-Dardari said in his comments recently, that the crisis in Syria has so far cost $60-$80 billion (46 – 61 Billion Euro) in damages to the economy of Syria and this is probably just logical looking at all the acts of terrorism, car bombs and battles as well as the massacres and bloodshed carried out by these Wahhabi jihadists and uneducated al-Qaeda thugs who are co-sponsored by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

The The Former Syrian Planning Minister Abdullah al-Dardari also said in his comments about the losses in the Syrian economy due to the proxy war and terrorism in the country that the economy of Syria has has contracted by about 35 percent, while the country has enjoyed about 6 percent of annual growth just in the five years before 2011 and the beginning of foreign powers to start their plot against the Syrian nation.

Central Bank of Syria
Central Bank of Syria

In addition, the Syrian economy has lost about 40 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) according to the Former Syrian Planning Minister al-Dardari. There are also about 2.5 million unemployed people in Syria nowadays. Although the unemployment rate has been a problem before the start of the terrorism and proxy war within Syrian borders, it is now really a serious problem that must be handled after the end of the foreign-backed terrorism in the country.

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