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Iskenderun: Syrians Demand to Reunite with Motherland, Syria, Massive Demonstrations Planned

“Event News” has learned from Syrian Arab Sources in the District of “Iskenderun”(Turkish Occupied Syrian Province), that a large “Youth Movement” formed through Social Networking Sites, has been under the name of the “Youth Brigade”, circulating that large Protest Movements will be beginning from the first of February, 2013, with an urgent call to join in and attend Demonstrations.
According to the same Sources, Activists have made an unsurpassed call for Demonstrations by sending “Text Messages” through the popular Carrier “August Alawites” to ensure the messages reach all Citizens, and for the call to stand in the upcoming Demonstrations reaches far and wide.
The Syrian Arab Source, who identified himself as an activist from the “Syrian Liwa’ Iskenderun”, has been communicating with Event News via “August Alawites” through an intermediary said, “the objective of the Call comes following continuous attacks on our Motherland Syria by Erdogan’s Government”, adding “we have been under Occupation for over 8 decades, and we want to secede from Turkey, and return to our Mother Country Syria.”
When asked about the possibility of prosecution by Turkish authorities at the Demonstrations, the Activist replied “This is possible of course, but they cannot silence all the voices of the Liwa’s sons”, indicating the activists already have unsurpassed numbers that intend to overwhelm Turkish Government Forces, who’s reaction is expected to be violent with arrests, and attempting to disperse crowds with “Water Rockets” and “Pepper Spray”, as used in recent anti-Government Demonstrations against unarmed Protestors.
The Student Activist, who preferred the anonymity of the other Syrian Activists, described them as “Sons of Iskenderun and other Turkish occupied Syrian Territories, that are motivated and ready to see Iskenderun return to her Motherland Syria”.
Event News had previously published a story about the “unknown activists” setting up a page on Facebook, called the “Syrian Resistance Popular Front for the Liberation of ‘Liwa Iskenderun’, but didn’t realize they related to the Youth Brigade movement until recently…JA

– The above information was posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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