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syria destroy secular state islamize society

Syria - How to destroy a secular state and to Islamize a society

A new book about the situation in Syria was published in Germany by the PapyRossa publishing company. The headline of this new book about the conflict and crisis in Syria is very interesting and sure not a headline which one is able to find in the common mainstream media of the West – the headline of this German book is “Syria – How to destroy a secular state and to Islamize a society”.

This German book about the war and conflict in Syria was published by the PapyRossa publishing company. The authors of “Syria – How to destroy a secular state and to Islamize a society” are Wolfgang Gehrcke and Christiane Reymann.

Wolfgang Gehrcke was the vice-chairman of the German PDS parliamentary group from 1998 to 2002 and a member of the national leadership of the German party PDS since October 2002. From June 2007 to 2012, Gehrcke was also a member of the Federal Board of this German Left Party (PDS).

Christiane Reymann is also known in German due to her relations to the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation and the German Left Party. Reymann works as a journalist and has already published some books in Germany.

The new book about the events in Syria with the title “Syria – How to destroy a secular state and to Islamize a society” was published on March 21 and is about the daily news on Syria, which are often not credible. The war in Syria is always in the daily news in the Western mainstream media, but the published information is often not the truth.

The conflict in Syria is already an externally fuelled and funded armed struggle and it seems that even if this struggle might end – the Syrian society is already divided due to different reasons. Not to mention that any support for radical fighters, jihadists, Islamists and strangers in order to overthrow a secular government in a sovereign state is just to condemn and not in line with every sense of the so-called democracy.

In addition, to support a proxy war, carried out on Syrian soil by radical and partly dumb human resources and religious fanatics, is a violation of human rights and against international law. Every support for these armed strangers, jihadists and so-called fighters of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) or the al-Qaeda near terrorist group, the al-Nusra Front, means to support the killing of innocent Syrian civilians, too.

Syria – How to destroy a secular state and to Islamize a society

So many different sides already mingle with so many different actors in the conflict in Syria and the conflicting interests of all sides make the situation even worse. To be honest, even if the Qatari and Saudi regimes will succeed in the overthrow of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the secular government in the capital Damascus, it is clear as the sky that Qatar and Saudi Arabia, both totalitarian dictatorships which would need a real revolution in order to implement human rights, that both Gulf States have different aims and it is just a question of time when both will start to finally act against each other.

The Western media and politics only perceive the forces that perform the violent overthrow of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and both display the President and government as a cruel and ugly regime which only kills innocent civilians. Other voices are not heard because the truth could damage the level of false propaganda in the West, which is carried out in order to brainwash the population(s) and to prepare them for a possible next war – again on the base of lies, just as it happened already with Iraq.

This new book with the title “Syria – How to destroy a secular state and to Islamize a society” (German: Syrien – Wie man einen säkularen Staat zerstört und eine Gesellschaft islamisiert) tries to fill these gaps and to outline some possible ways for a solution by negotiations.

The book delivers a good base and it is a truly a surprise that such a book about Syria was published in Germany – in a state which fully supports the human rights violations in Syria and which only acts subordinated to American interests.

Of course, readers should also put the statements of this book about the conflict and situation in Syria into questions, due to the reason that it seems the authors missed to display some more sides. In addition, due to the known interests and characters of both authors, it is clear that this book about Syria is not the answer to everything and has also statements and suggestions which are either not acceptable by many Syrian citizens or just represent the naïve wishes of Western people. Not to mention the partly questionable statements of alleged popular critics of the Syrian government.

But overall, it is an interesting book and probably better to read and including more truth than the common mainstream news about Syria in Germany, France, England, Italy and all other so-called democratic states which violate international law daily.

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  1. Fatime

    The book missed to represent the voice of patriotic Syrians completly. It only reflects on well known "opposition" figures and statements (well-known to us Syrians). So, the title should have been choosen more precisely, maybe: "Syria – statements of the opposition inside" rather than the title selected.


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