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Maduro wins the Election in Venezuela


On Sunday, the Venezuelan citizens were called to elect a successor after the Venezuelan President Chávez has died six weeks ago. Favourite was the preferred candidate Maduro, who has been appointed by Chavez.

The 50-year-old former Venezuelan Foreign Minister Maduro took over the transitional government businesses after the death of Chavez on 5 March. His challenger was the 40-year-old opposition leader and Governor Henrique Capriles, who was defeated in the presidential election by the former Venezuelan President Chávez in October.

According to the Venezuelan Election Commission, Nicolas Maduro has now won the election with scarce 50.8 percent. The media have portrayed the choice for the citizens as socialism or capitalism.

A small majority of the 19 million eligible voters in Venezuela have voted in favour of the continuation of the revolution of Chavez. The turnout was around 78 percent.

Even before the election, the Venezuelan opposition, supported by the US administration, and its candidate Capriles, have spoken of a manipulation and now, by their defeat, they have increased their propaganda statements about a faked election in Venezuela.

The US-backed opposition in Venezuela is calling for a recount after the brief turnout of the election. They claim that there had been numerous irregularities in this election. Therefore, the opposition in Venezuela will not accept the results of the election authority.

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