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syria chemical weapons investigation

Aleppo / Halab, Syria

Syria accepts essential conditions of chemical weapons probe.

The Syrian government under Bashar al-Assad in the capital Damascus has accepted the “essential modalities” under which the UN (United Nations) was ready to investigate and probe whether chemical weapons had been used in the Arab nation, according to a new statement by the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

In addition, the statement implied that the UN experts will soon travel to Syria in order to conduct their investigations whether chemical weapons had been used in Syria, although Russia has already given first-hand evidence on the use of chemical weapons by foreign-backed terrorists in an attack near Aleppo to the hands of the United Nations (UN) about four weeks ago.

However, the UN stayed (so far) quiet about the received evidence and results of the Russian experts in regards of the use of Sarin nerve gas by a group of terrorist in an attack against Syrian civilians and soldiers near the strategically important city of Aleppo (Halab) in March, 2013.

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in this new statement that the departure of the UN team of experts to Syria is now imminent and as it has been agreed with the Syrian government in Damascus, the UN experts will remain in the Arab nation to conduct their activities.

These activities of the UN experts to probe and investigate the use of chemical weapons in Syria include on-site visits. In addition, the UN experts will remain in Syria for a period of up to two weeks, but this period is extendable upon mutual consent between the Syrian government in Damascus and the United Nations (UN), according to the recent statements by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

The sometimes biased UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has further expressed his appreciation to the government of Syria for accepting the essential modalities for the cooperation between the United Nations (UN) and Syria in order to investigate the use of chemical weapons in the Arab nations as well as to ensure the safe, efficient and proper conduct of this mission by UN experts on Syrian soil.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reminded in his statement that the use of chemical weapons would be an outrageous crime. However, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon forgot about the results and evidence in the hands of the United Nations (UN), which confirm the use of Sarin nerve gas by a group of terrorists near the Syrian city from Aleppo in March, 2013.

It seems the UN either does not trust Russian experts or is not capable of accepting the fact that their supported terrorist groups have already used chemical weapons in Syria. However, the recent weeks, after the UN has received the documents and results by Russia, suggest a bit that the United Nations (UN) tries to conceal this.

The United Nations (UN) said that an agreement has been reached with the Syrian government under President Bashar al-Assad about a mission of UN experts to Syria in order to investigate the use of chemical weapons in the Arab nation two weeks ago. The UN team is led by Swedish scientist, Ake Sellstrom.

So far, the team of experts from the United Nations (UN) is allowed to investigate three locations in Syria, including Khan al-Assal near the city of Aleppo, where the Russian experts have found the first-hand evidence that a foreign-supported terrorist group has used chemical weapons in an attack against Syrian civilians and soldiers in March, 2013.

Also the Syrian government says that the terrorists have used chemical weapons in this attack in Khan al-Assal near Aleppo in March this year. The two additional locations in Syria have yet to be confirmed and are so far not known.

Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)
Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)

Moscow has submitted a complete set of documents and evidence to the United Nations in last month, as mentioned. The analysis of the samples taken in Khan al-Assal, located in the west of Syrias Aleppo (Halab), indicate that a group of foreign-backed terrorists have used sarin nerve gas in their attack against Syrian soldiers and civilians in March 2013. The attack caused the death of more than 30 people.

The U.S. administration in Washington has doubts on the findings of the Russian experts and said that its own intelligence services believe that the Syrian Arab army (SAA) had used chemical weapons, of course. This propaganda by Washington came as no surprise.

However, the chairman of the UN commission’s inquiry into rights violations in Syria, Paulo Pinheiro, said recently that the evidence provided by Washington did not meet the standards as his UN commission was “very worried about the chain of custody of the substances.”

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    • M. Klostermayr

      true.. but it`s not the first time the decisions taken by this gov make no sense compared to previously statements.. when the UN does not believe a russian investigation.. pff.. at least, just some UN experts and no large “team” of UN “experts”..

      • Arklight

        Uh-huh. Wait for it, dude. There’ll be a gang of ’em in 5 star hotels for an extended investigation period, may make a very brief visit to the sites, go back to the hotel for a few more months and then determine that after so long a time there is no conclusive evidence available with which to pin the blame on anyone, BUT – – since SAA is known to have had sarin gas weapons, it is most likely that SAA gassed its own people. I’ve watched UN in action for 50 years, dude. They’re as crooked as a dog’s hind leg.


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