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syria breaking news updatenovembe 29 2012

Muhammad Mursi: I will not leave the Constitutional Declaration until the constitution is revealed in Egypt
November 29, 2012   11:24 AM
Our correspondent in Homs: Syrian Army confronts an attack by insurgents on Shanshnar checkpoint and kills the attackers
November 29, 2012   10:52 AM
The coordination commission from Moscow: we are ready to initiate negotiations with the Syrian government
November 29, 2012   10:01 AM
Daraa: an explosive charge blasts near the house of the secretary of al-Baath Party department, claiming 3 lives of Syrian soldiers
November 29, 2012   9:46 AM
Our correspondent in al-Assad suburb: the shell caused material damages only
November 29, 2012   12:16 AM
Damascus Countryside: a mortar shell was fired near the Church in al-Assad suburb
November 29, 2012   12:09 AM

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