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syria breaking news updatedecember 16 2012


Our correspondent in Mezza Western Villas: the bombing caused material damages only

December 16, 2012   3:46 PM

Our correspondent in Damascus: a mortar shell has been fired on Mezza western Villas, behind al-Muhammadi mosque

December 16, 2012   3:45 PM

Anwar Raja: not one member of the Public Front left the general Leadership of Damascus

December 16, 2012   3:18 PM

Al-Nusra gunmen infiltrate to al-Yarmouk Camp and the Public Committees clash with them

December 16, 2012   3:17 PM

The General Secretary of Hezbollah Hasan Nasrallah will speak in a few on the TV

December 16, 2012   2:33 PM

Our correspondent in Edlib: shells were fired by militants on Harem, causing 3 martyrs

December 16, 2012   2:30 PM

Our correspondent in Aleppo: the bakeries are opened again and will be working 24/7

December 16, 2012   1:37 PM

Our correspondent in Edlib: the Libyan insurgent who is called as al-Sheikh Nour has been killed in Bennesh

December 16, 2012   12:33 PM

Our reporter in Edlib: Abed al-Rahman As’ad, accompanied with 38 members of his armed group, have been killed in Bennesh

December 16, 2012   12:29 PM

Our correspondent in Deir Ezzor: many gunmen, including Turki al-Turki, have been killed during infiltrating to al-Hweika

December 16, 2012   12:24 PM

Liberman hands Netanyahu his resignation from the Israeli foreign minister

December 16, 2012   11:15 AM

Syria hands Lebanon 4 bodies of the killed Lebanese gunmen in Talkalakh

December 16, 2012   10:13 AM

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