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syria breaking news update jan 30 2013

Hasaka: armed men kidnap 4  Guards from  the Grain Center  in al-Shhdadi countryside
January 30, 2013   12:58 PM
Hasaka: Syrian Army confronts armed men, who attacked the  47th check point killing many of them in al-Shdadi countryside
January 30, 2013   12:55 PM
Hasaka: insurgents infiltrate into an electricity store and stealing 9 transformers
January 30, 2013   12:15 PM
The residents of al-Nerab and Sermin of Edlib city have been displaced resulting the violence
January 30, 2013   11:24 AM
Homs – Rastan: the armed men attack al-Amerya town and commit a massacre  killing 10 citizens
January 30, 2013   11:14 AM
Al-Yaman: al-Haq and al-Baath parties demand an investigation claims sending thousands of Yemenis to fight in Syria through Turkey  is considered a criminal act

January 30, 2013   10:27 AM
AFB –  Syrian Security source: a Tunisian terrorist, called Hafs Abu Eslam, committed the massacre in Aleppo
January 30, 2013   9:29 AM
Damascus: the Scientific Searches branch has been targeted by insurgents killing two soldiers in Jemraya
January 30, 2013   2:17 AM

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