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Syria: Breaking News Update January 24, 2013

Breaking News Update: Jan. 24, 2013

The gasoline crisis will end in Damascus by the access of amounts of the gasoline to the most of the fuel stations

January 24, 2013   4:50 PM

Aleppo: heavy clashes take place in the neighborhoods of the ancient city and Bab Antakya

January 24, 2013   4:29 PM

Edlib: Syrian Army foils the armed men’s attempt to target the military airport Abu Zhour

January 24, 2013   4:27 PM

Hasaka: Syrian Army foils the insurgents’ attempt to target Kbeba oil station

January 24, 2013   3:21 PM

Syrian Army confronts the armed men, who tried to target military check point in the east-north of Hasaka

January 24, 2013   3:20 PM

The President Bashar Assad share the religious celebration of the birth of the prophet Muhammad anniversary

January 24, 2013   3:18 PM

Our reporter in Homs: Syrian Army hits locations of armed men, what resulted in the death of dozens of them in Kaferaya area

January 24, 2013   2:48 PM

Egypt: clashes occur between the protestors and Security Forces in Medan al-Tahrir square

January 24, 2013   2:43 PM

Sana News Agency: Syrian Army hits spots of insurgents in al-Sheikh Saied neighborhood of Aleppo, what led to the death of big number of them

January 24, 2013   2:23 PM

Gatilov: the patriot on the Syrian borders may lead to attempts exasperating

January 24, 2013   2:15 PM

Russian Foreign Ministry: Iran is able to play positive role in the Syrian crisis

January 24, 2013   2:14 PM

The water minster of Edlib to Breaking News Network: the water will be returned to the city during 24 hours

January 24, 2013   1:45 PM

The National Reconciliation minister Ali Haidar to Breaking News Network: the internal and the international affairs are suitable to initiate the talk

January 24, 2013   12:52 PM

The first talk meeting has been initiated in Homs with the contribution of the National Reconciliation minister

January 24, 2013   11:48 AM

Al-Hayat quotes of French Official: Brahimi is not convinced by the political solution for the Syrian crisis

January 24, 2013   11:25 AM

Homs: 7 insurgents have been killed by booby trapped car before it reaches Syrian Army check point in Rabla

January 24, 2013   10:25 AM

Al-Safer quotes of western diplomatic: the Turkish- Qatari struggle with Syria is personal struggle

January 24, 2013   8:57 AM



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