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Syria: Breaking News Update January 12, 2013

Military source: Syrian Army confronts to armed rebels who tried to attack on Kshesh airport of Aleppo countryside

January 12, 2013   2:02 PM

Homs: 30 armed men, including the Iraqi Abo Jrouh were killed in armed conflicts with Syrian Army in Khalidia

January 12, 2013   12:32 PM

Our reporter in Damascus countryside: two martyrs and injuries are the results of a shell fallen in Jaramana

January 12, 2013   11:11 AM

A shell was fired by armed men on al-Janayn neighborhood of Jaramana causing martyrs and many injuries

January 12, 2013   10:34 AM

Al-Safer: Russia refuses, during Brahimi’s meeting , any discussion about the step down idea

January 12, 2013   8:55 AM

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