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syria breaking news update december 7 2012


The Egyptian opposition officially rejects Mursi’s call for dialogue and affirms its continuing in demonstrating

December 7, 2012   2:27 PM

Our correspondent in Damascus Countryside: a car bomb blasts during being booby-trapped by insurgents near al-Mu’addamia bridge

December 7, 2012   2:01 PM

Aleppo governor to Breaking News: the electricity will return in Aleppo in a few hours after 48 hours of hard working

December 7, 2012   1:51 PM

Our correspondent in Aleppo: the electricity returns into the city in several hours

December 7, 2012   1:37 PM

Our correspondent in Damascus: a mortar shell was fired on al-Petra building in Mezza western Villas area

December 7, 2012   1:26 PM

Our correspondent: the blast was committed when the prayers were leaving Qibaa mosque

December 7, 2012   1:12 PM

Our correspondent in Homs: a booby-trapped vehicle blasts in al-Inshaat, causing 15 injuries so far

December 7, 2012   1:10 PM

Our correspondent in Damascus: a Chechen gunman, called Haroun, gets killed in al-Husseinia town

December 7, 2012   12:41 PM

Our reporter: scores gunmen, including the leader Khalid al-Nanaa, have been killed in Jabal al-Zawieh

December 7, 2012   12:19 PM

Our correspondent in Edlib: 7 members of al-Nusra front have been killed during armed conflicts with the Syrian Army in Jeser al-Shughour countryside

December 7, 2012   12:17 PM

Damascus Countryside: at least 8 militants were killed in destroying their position in Duma

December 7, 2012   10:36 AM

Al-Akhbar: many secrets, which involve al-Hariri and Ikab Saker about Syria, will be revealed

December 7, 2012   9:15 AM

Egypt: Obama announces to Mursi his worries about deaths and injuries from the demonstrators

December 7, 2012   2:05 AM

Lebanon: clashes occur between the sides of Muhsen Mountain and Bab al-Tabbaneh in Tripoli

December 7, 2012   1:54 AM

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