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Syria: Breaking News Update – December 05, 2012


Egypt: the confrontations between Muslims Brotherhood and opponents for Mursi leave two deaths so far

December 5, 2012   8:14 PM

Egypt: two of the President Mursi’s counselors resign from their jobs

December 5, 2012   8:02 PM

Washington appoints al-Nusra front of Syria under the list of terrorist organization

December 5, 2012   8:00 PM

Egypt: the security forces interpose after clashes between allies and opponents for Mursi

December 5, 2012   7:49 PM

Damascus Countryside: militants have been killed during clashes against the Syrian Army in al-Zabadani

December 5, 2012   7:23 PM

Military source to Breaking News Network in Damascus Countryside: Aqraba will be announced as secure area in several hours

December 5, 2012   7:21 PM

Aleppo: insurgents attack the gas station of Aleppo, causing the power failure in some areas

December 5, 2012   5:03 PM

Egypt: the pro-Muslims brotherhood attack medalists in front of the Presidential Palace, as the police disappears from the area

December 5, 2012   4:38 PM

Egypt: the pro-Muslims brotherhood attack demonstrators in front of the Presidential Palace, as news say injuries are recorded

December 5, 2012   4:37 PM

Homs: two local-made missiles were fired on al-Abbasyeen roundabout, causing one martyr

December 5, 2012   3:44 PM

Hasaka: armed men steal heavy equipments from Abyad oil field

December 5, 2012   3:10 PM

Homs: a child was wounded in firing a mortar shell on a house in al-Ahram Street

December 5, 2012   2:51 PM

Our correspondent in Homs: the Syrian Army moves forward in al-Qusour and takes control over 5 of 8 civil housings

December 5, 2012   2:31 PM

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