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Syria: Breaking News Update December 2 and 3, 2012


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 Our reporter in Edlib: the blast has not resulted in any victims and the damages are just material.

January 3, 2013   11:37 AM

Edlib: a suicidal blast by booby-trapped car takes place in al-Rami town

January 3, 2013   11:36 AM

Al-Watan quoting sources: Daraya will be safe today’s evening

January 3, 2013   8:40 AM

Qamishli: the mayor of Qamishli survives an assassination attempt by blasting an explosive charge near his office

January 2, 2013   10:41 PM

An official source denies taking control over Taftanaz airport of Edlib by insurgents

January 2, 2013   8:52 PM

Hasaka: armed men burgle on the contents of the management rooms of Tishreen Oil field

January 2, 2013   6:39 PM

Omar Ossi to Breaking News: the movement is a start to a new national work that involves all the Syrian parties

January 2, 2013   4:29 PM

Nabeel Fayyad to Breaking News: the goal of the national movement to save Syria is to stop the authority of the Muslims brotherhood

January 2, 2013   4:27 PM

Dollar exchange rate in the black market: Sales 93 SP buy 92 SP

January 2, 2013   1:44 PM

Damascus countryside: 3 mortar shells were fired on B2 area of al-Assad suburb claiming material damages

January 2, 2013   12:26 PM

Damascus countryside : armed men attack Harasta hospital and confront with the Syrian Army

January 2, 2013   11:58 AM

Our reporter in Damascus countryside: the mortar shell coused material damages in al-Taheni mosque and no victims were recorded

January 2, 2013   11:57 AM

Damascus countryside: a mortar shell was fired by insurgents on al-Tahani mosque of al-Assad suburb

January 2, 2013   11:57 AM

A military source: there is no truth of what is said about insurgents advancing to the wall of Taftanaz Airport

January 2, 2013   10:39 AM

Edlib: Syrian Army confronts to an armed attack in Taftanaz airport, what resulted in the death of the leader Maher Samak

January 2, 2013   10:38 AM

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