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syria breaking news update december 19 2012


Damascus: an explosive charge blasts in al-Halbouni, causing one civil injury

December 19, 2012   6:56 PM

Edlib Countryside: armed men target the automatic bakery and sabotage its contents in Jeser al-Shughour

December 19, 2012   5:14 PM

The Russian Destroyer Marchal Shabo Shinkov anchors in Iran in the context of Military cooperation

December 19, 2012   4:45 PM

The French President Francois Hollande arrives to Algeria

December 19, 2012   3:39 PM

A leader of al-Qaeda has been arrested in Moroccan Islamic Country of Algeria

December 19, 2012   3:30 PM

Aleppo: the Syrian Army moves forward through the axis of al-Sabee Bahrat after severe clashes with gunmen

December 19, 2012   1:55 PM

The dollar rate of exchange in the Black Market is 95.25 Syrian pounds for selling and 94.25 for buying

December 19, 2012   1:53 PM

Our correspondent in Aleppo: the Syrian Army moves forward in the Ancient city, heading to al-Awameed area

December 19, 2012   1:52 PM

Hama Countryside: militants sabotage the electricity towers of Maharda station, causing its suspension

December 19, 2012   12:54 PM

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