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syria breaking news update december 18 2012


The Syrian soccer team scores the tie goal in its game against Bahrain in the championship of western Asia

December 18, 2012   8:01 PM

The Iraqi Presidential affirms that the medical state of President Talbani is stable

December 18, 2012   6:26 PM

Deir Ezzor: the Syrian Army confronts an armed attack on the political security branch and destroys the attackers’ cars

December 18, 2012   5:51 PM

The Iraqi Presidential denies the news about the death of Iraqi president Jalal Talbani

December 18, 2012   4:09 PM

News say the Iraqi president Jalal Talbani might be dead

December 18, 2012   4:04 PM

Damascus Countryside: the gunman Wasim al-Olabi has been killed, accompanied with 9 other militants in al-Ettihad labe of Zamalka

December 18, 2012   3:33 PM

Deir Ezzor: insurgents sabotage the rail in a station to transport old equipment in al-Huseinia

December 18, 2012   3:31 PM

Deir Ezzor: the building of chemical engineering college and the national hospital have been mopped-up from militants in al-Hweika

December 18, 2012   3:30 PM

The dollar rate of exchange in the Black Market is 94.5 Syrian pounds for selling and 93.5 for buying

December 18, 2012   1:29 PM

Damascus Countryside: many gunmen, including Abed al-Ghani Bekheit, have been killed in clashes in al-Ziabia

December 18, 2012   12:29 PM

Iraqi President Jalal Talbani enters the hospital

December 18, 2012   11:20 AM

Our correspondent in Homs: armed men open fire on a bus for civilians in Abel,as victims are recorded

December 18, 2012   10:12 AM

Moscow: the abductors of the Russian citizens in Syria asked for a ranosm

December 18, 2012   9:57 AM

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