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Syria – Breaking News Update December 10, 2012


Our correspondent: 20 insurgents of al-Nusra front, including Zaher al-Rada, have been killed in Ma’aret al-Nu’man

December 10, 2012   12:32 PM

Our correspondent in Aleppo: mortar shells have been fired on al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood, where martyrs are recorded

December 10, 2012   11:52 AM

The reporter of Breaking News Network in Aleppo: the power failure in the city is caused by a technical support

December 10, 2012   11:45 AM

Our correspondent in Damascus Countryside: the Syrian Army has confronted an armed attack on Tishreen hospital and killed dozens of them

December 10, 2012   10:58 AM

Our reporter in Damascus Countryside: 45 militants, including Abu Ali Jawish got killed in armed confrontations in al-Ziabia

December 10, 2012   10:41 AM

Deir Ezzor: members in al-Nusra front, including Mahmoud al-Mashouh, have been killed in al-Jbeileh

December 10, 2012   10:20 AM

Our correspondent in Homs: militants have been killed in raiding on their dens in al-Qariatein and al-Warsha

December 10, 2012   9:57 AM

Al-Safeer: Makdissi left Syria in an official vacation of 3 months

December 10, 2012   8:47 AM

Deir Ezzor: the killed gunmen included Ahmad Nayef al-Zaidan and Ahmad Hasan al-Qatmeer

December 10, 2012   12:52 AM

Deir Ezzor: insurgents have been killed near Ghassan Abboud roundabout and in al-Hamidia

December 10, 2012   12:50 AM

Deir Ezzor: the Syrian Army kills insurgents and confiscates their arms and ammo in Khasham village of Deir Ezzor countryside

December 10, 2012   12:35 AM

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