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syria brahimi is powerless in front al assad and lier in front of russia

Al-Watan Newspaper said that ” it is clear that Lakhdar Brahimi has become out of the Syrian solution and that he is a part of it not a mediator and he is not able, by the way, to find a solution for the crisis in Syria and that is what he admitted”
The newspaper quoted of Syrian sources that “Brahimi assured in front of the presidents Bashar Assad in the last meeting that Turkey and Qatar will not stop supporting the armed groups and that he is not able to stop them even through the Security council” The same sources emphasized that Brahimi dared, in his last meeting with al-Assad President, to ask about the coming presidential elections this is the most important question for Brahimi and the countries that stand behind him, so the response of al-Assad was that the last thing the interest me is the positions, but the first thing is the Syrian people’s desire and the interest of the country, and he said to Brahimi that “I am not the captain of the ship who scape from it when it starts to shake”    
The newspaper quoted of diplomatic sources which attended the Geneva conference as saying that Brahimi had appeared as a representative of  the Turkish, Gulf, U.S attitudes and not as a neutral mediator and that what Damascus expected from him.
This man and his expected behavior have become obvious to Assad President, where the Syrian government expected from Brahimi to lie during his visit to Moscow and during Geneva conference that led to a tough and harsh response from Russia 


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