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syria behind the scenes western intelligence finds syrian army gaining upper hand

Behind the Scenes: Western Intelligence Finds Syrian Army Gaining Upper Hand
  • Concrete ground survey carried out by a huge western intelligence apparatus in different Syrian main provinces (Homs, Lattakia, etc…) found out that the government forces continue to have the upper hand on any other militant group. Moreover, this apparatus estimated that even in the few areas controlled by the armed opposition groups, the government forces intend to do that as a tactic in order to ambush them one day.

             Syrian army

  • Well-informed sources said that the Syrian and Russian governments agreed in principle on immense projects for reconstruction of stricken areas in Syria. All contracts, which are estimated to cost around tens of billions, would be signed by the Russian government exclusively.

                   destroyed areas

  • Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s stances concerning the internal economic situation in his speech at the graduation ceremony organized by the Educational Youth Association of Hezbollah was largely welcomed by the Lebanese University deans as well as syndicate and labor unions’ circles.

              Sayyed Nasrallah at the graduation ceremony

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