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Syria: Nobel Peace Laureate Obama lobbying for War

Akela Husseinowitsch Obama

UK vote on Syria: Foreign Secretary William Hague won’t resign.

The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, U.S. President Barack Obama, has boosted his intense lobbying to form a “coalition of willing” for the military strike by Washington against the Syrian government.

US President Obama further launched a new intense lobbying effort to gain the approval by the US lawmakers on Capitol Hill for the military attack of Syria, which has been already planned since years in order to reconstruct the Middle East and to weaken Iran, while the U.S. administration in Washington also aims at the increase of power by the Israeli regime in the region.

According to recent reports about the new machinations by US President Barack Obama in terms of his war plans against Syria, the President of the United States has launched a new lobbying effort on Capitol Hill to influence the opinions of the lawmakers and to get their approval for the military strike on Damascus, while Washington has so far not presented any convincing evidence for its claims that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons (poison gas / Sarin nerve agent) against their own Syrian people near Damascus some days ago.

And even while Moscow has even urged after the presentation of the alleged evidence of Washington in terms of the chemical weapons attack near Damascus and the guilt of the Syrian government that the U.S. administration shall publish evidence for their claims against Syria.

Also the Russian President Vladimir Putin has called the accusations against the Syrian governance in Damascus an “utter nonsense” and this statement by Putin was made after the “publication of evidence” by Washington on Friday.

However, many seem to share the opinion that the published “evidence” by the US administration in Washington for their claims against Syria are not really convincing and are reminiscent of the false claims and fabricated evidence before the war against Iraq in 2003.

US President Barack Obama said in a new speech that he has finally decided that the United States should begin a military attack against the Syrian government over the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian governance in Damascus that has crossed Obamas “red line.” However, accusations without any convincing evidence are just what they are – baseless claims.

Further, even the US President Barack Obama has decided that the United States shall wage war on Syria, there is still the US Congress, the UN Security Council (UNSC) and the international law, although the recent history has already (and sadly) confirmed that Washington can do what it wants – also without an approval for a war of aggression by the United Nations / UN Security Council.

However, the Republicans in the United States, at least the Republicans who are not so huge supporters of the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv, hope that they might be able to push Barack Obama out of office in case the current US President acts against the constitution of the United States – the President of the United States needs the approval of the US Congress to wage war and it does not matter whether the war is justified by real evidence or not. The U.S. President is not allowed to alone decide about “to war or not to war.”

In his recent speech in Rose Garden, President Obama has not mentioned whether he might use his power as the commander-in-chief of the US military to start the war on Syria in case the US lawmakers reject his request for the war on Damascus because the majority of the lawmakers could also think this is very reminiscent of the fabricated evidence before the baseless war on Iraq in 2003.

Further, the US budget, the previous lost wars and cost-intensive military actions and secret interventions as well as the hidden meddling by the United States in other countries do not really provide a good base for the next war of aggression against another country in the Middle East. In addition, the results of the war on Syria could be horrible.

The dire consequences for Syria, the Syrian people and even the entire Middle East are not really foreseeable and even the US military would not only lose a lot of soldiers, but also the possible response by the allies of Syria could trigger the next world war (WWIII). A really horrible scenario and it is sad that the Zionist-driven US administration in Washington seems to accept this scenario as long as it thinks that it is able to implement its violent agenda in the Middle East.

Akela Husseinowitsch Obama
Akela Husseinowitsch Obama

The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, U.S. President Barack Obama, has even underlined his decision for a unilateral military strike (war of aggression) without international partners (e.g. without the UK) and also without a mandate by the UN Security Council / United Nations. A true Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

In the meantime, over the sea in Britain, the British Foreign Secretary William Hague has rejected the media reports that he is going to resign because of the vote against a war on Syria by the British Parliament and the outrage at the Prime Minister, David Cameron, for calling a parliamentary vote about it.

Asked whether he has already considered to leave his office, the British Foreign Secretary William Hague answered yesterday that he will not resign. Several rumours said previously that William Hague could soon resign of his job after the UK vote on a participation in the US-led war of aggression on Syria.

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