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Syrian Army: Interception of US Cruise Missiles is Possible

USS New York (LPD-21)

Syria: Military source confirms Damascus’s defence capabilities.

A source of the Syrian military spoke under the condition of anonymity about the defence capability of his country and said that the missile defence systems used in Syria are able to intercept any incoming missiles ten minutes before these e.g. cruise missiles are able to reach and hit their targets on Syrian territory.

According to the unnamed source from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the “surface-to-sea” (surface to air missiles) missiles of the Syrian military are capable of targeting any object at the sea in front of Syria and this within a range of allegedly 600 to 700 kilometres away from the Syrian coasts.

The source of the Syrian military made these remarks about the defence capability of the Syrian military installations and missile bases in an interview with Farsnews (FNA) in the Syrian capital Damascus yesterday. However, as often stated in terms of Farsnews, one never knows how much truth is behind the reports by the Farsnews agency – but this also applies for BBC, CNN, Foxnews and many other media agencies; probably for all.

The military source from Damascus underlined that the preparations by the U.S. administration in Washington to launch airstrikes and missile strikes on Syria, e.g. with their Cruise and Tomahawk missiles, in the upcoming days are no secret anymore and that the “US missiles will be identified, traced and destroyed” already ten minutes before the US Cruise and Tomahawk missiles are able to strike any target on Syrian soil.

This means, according to the statements of the military source from Syria, that the missiles from e.g. the US warships “will be annihilated” before the missiles are able to reach Syrian territory.

The military source from the Syrian capital Damascus also repeated the statements made by other officials from Syria already one or two days ago. The unnamed source of the Syrian Army said that the military of the Arab country is fully ready to confront a military strike by foreign powers on Syria.

The source pointed out that, for example, the Syrian military and missile experts have “remade and modernized” the Scud missiles in recent years and that the Scud missiles now have a very high precision capability and are even able to target warships and aircraft carrier at the sea in front of Syria – and this with a “pinpoint precision capability.”

According to the report by Farsnews, another source of the Syrian military also made several remarks in terms of Syria’s missile defence capability and a possible US-led military strike on Damascus. This source of the Syrian military, who also spoke under the condition of anonymity, said that the missile defence capability of the Syrian Army is powerful enough to respond to any possible US-led military strike against the Arab nation.

USS New York (LPD-21)
USS New York (LPD-21)

The source of the Syrian Army stated the following:

“Syria’s missile defence systems have been developed over the past 20 years and they are powerful and unique covering a specific area each…”

The military source from Syria further added to his statements in direction to the Farsnews agency that political analysts and the political circles reckon with the situation that the US administration in Washington will launch its military strike on Syria by firing cruise missiles from its warships in the Mediterranean Sea on targets in the Arab country.

The source also added that British fighter jets will then target the military bases of the Syrian Army, although the British Parliament has voted against the participation in a military attack on Syria. However, the recent UK vote on the war on Syria was not binding and the British Prime Minister David Cameron already tries to reshuffle it for a possible next vote on the war against Damascus.

The military source from Damascus finally said that it is not very likely that infantry forces of Western armies will invade into Syrian soil because in such a case, the American and British military units will receive heavy losses.

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