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Armed Forces Push ahead with the Crackdown on Terrorists

Armed Forces Push ahead with the Crackdown on Terrorists
Jan 09, 2013

Provinces, (SANA)_The armed forces continued crackdown on terrorists in several provinces, inflicting heavy losses on the terrorists and destroying their weapons and ammunition.
The armed forces’ units pursued armed terrorist groups that committed heinous crimes in Damascus countryside, and inflicted heavy losses upon them.
An official source told SANA that a unit of the armed forces carried out two qualitative operations against terrorists’ gatherings in Hejjira and al-Dhiabieh towns in Damascus countryside, destroying two mortar cannons and two cars equipped with heavy machineguns.
A number of terrorists were also killed in the operations, among them Rahil Ahmad, Walid al-Rahi, Wassim al-Farran, Abbas Khouli, Ahmad Khalili, Samer Tayyara and Jassem al-Sabrouji.
The source added that terrorists were killed and others injured in Madaya town. Among the killed terrorists were Khaled Abdulhadi Akasha and Raed Abdul-Karim al-Halbouni.
The source added that an army unit killed a number of terrorist snipers in Darayya, among them Ahmad Darwish, Samir al-Qaed, Zuhair al-Sheikh and Mahmoud al-Dummarani.
In the Sharia School in Daraya, an Armed Forces unit eliminated terrorists who were using the school as a weapons storehouse and a base, while engineering units dismantled explosive devices set for remote detonation which were planted by the terrorists around the school.
The source indicated that the engineering units dismantled 10 explosive devices weighing between 15-30 kg planted by terrorists in the streets branching out of al-Bassel roundabout in Darayya, along with an IED weighing 150 kg in the vicinity of Khaled bin al-Walid Mosque in the city.
The source added that the terrorists planted scores of IEDs in the ramparts they set up in Darayya before many of them were killed and others fled, leaving their weapons and munitions behind.
Terrorists Killed in Aleppo Countryside
A unit of the armed forces killed several terrorists in a qualitative operation against their gatherings near Qabban al-Zai’m east of al-Nayrab Bridge in Aleppo countryside, destroying two cars equipped with heavy machineguns.
A military source told SANA that another unit of the armed forces destroyed a mortar cannon between al-Safira bridge and the batteries’ factory, that the terrorists were using for attacking the locals. The source added that heavy losses were inflicted upon an armed terrorist group near al-Dweirineh in Aleppo countryside.
A unit of the armed forces clashed with a terrorist group that tried to steal the storehouses of SADCOP Co. for oil derivatives in Khan al-Asal in Aleppo countryside. Most of the terrorists were killed and others injured.
An official source told SANA that the clash left 7 cars, some equipped with heavy machineguns, destroyed, with the terrorists and ammunition inside.

Meanwhile, A unit from the armed forces  killed terrorists in a qualitative operation  on Wednesday at khban al zaaym West of al-Nyrab bridge in Aleppo countryside , destroying two cars  equipped with heavy  machineguns .

A military source told SANA that another unit  destroyed a mortar between al Sfera bridge and al-Batariyat  factory used by terrorists to assault people and their  properties.

The source added the army inflicted heavy  losses among members of another armed terrorist  group, who were perpetrating acts of killing ,sabotage, stealing, burglary near al Duyryna  hospital in Aleppo countryside.    

Terrorists Assassinate Lawyer Hatem Deeb in His Office in Damascus
In the framework of targeting national cadres, an armed terrorist group on Tuesday night assassinated Lawyer Hatem Deeb in Damascus.
A source at Damascus Police Command said that the terrorists opened fire on Deeb while he was at his office in Ein al-Kirsh area.
Army Units Pursue Terrorists in Homs Countryside, Destroy Workshops for Manufacturing Rockets and Explosives
An Armed Forces unit destroyed a number of vehicles transporting terrorists near Farzat oil factory in Homs countryside, killing and injuring the terrorists.
Other units clashed with two terrorist groups in the village of al-Tibah in al-Houleh area, eliminating a number of its members, injuring others and destroying their equipment and weapons.
A car transporting terrorists was destroyed in the farms of al-Qseir area along with the terrorists inside them, while an Armed Forces unit inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in the village of al-Haydariye.
In Teldo, an Army unit carried out an operation in which it destroyed two workshops for manufacturing rockets and explosive devices along with terrorists and equipment in it, in addition to destroying two equipped with heavy machineguns and six cars used by terrorists to move around.
Among the terrorists and snipers eliminated in this operation were Qassem Razzouk, Obaida Harmoush, Abdelsalam al-Oksh, Majed Faour and Khaled Sebesbi.
Army Units Eliminate Terrorists In Hama Countryside
An Army unit eliminated six terrorists while attempting to plant landmines in the area between al-Taif and Helfaya in Hama countryside.
Two of the six terrorists were identified as Muaz Abdellatif and Ahmad al-Shayeb.

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