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Syria – Aleppo: The Volkssturm

kafr hama

The “Sharia committee of the province of Aleppo (Halab)” has announced a general mobilization of “all Muslims of the province” for the jihad just some days ago.

While it is actually not entirely clear what this “Sharia committee” really is, but it looks like a kind of civil or quasi-civil, and thereby needless to say, armed self-government.

In the areas, which are controlled by the rebel brigades, various of such structures do appear: committees, “emirates”, summary courts / martials, security services and so on – like mushrooms out of the blood-saturated soil, in order to be mowed down again shortly after it.

Also see Libya just 1-2 years ago. Geographically, this “Shariah committee” could be a member of the al-Nusra Front. And it was probably these “guys”, who were seen recently, when they replaced a FSA flag with their black banner of death.

Judging by this (and according to the information associated with the now circulating in all mouths operation “Northern Storm”), the situation of the terrorist brigades in the Syrian city of Aleppo is now almost desperate. Just shortly before the spread of this call (for jihad), there was again some attempts for a reinforcement in order to storm the prison of Aleppo (Halab), in which are more than 1,000 rebel fighters jailed according to different reports.

Three days ago the Turkish border for the entry (ie into Turkey) has been closed, whereupon there, between A’zaz and Kilis, were some heavy battles by the Turkish army and the al-Nusra brigades, fighting each other, while the al-Nusra Front members tried to break through at this point.

A’zaz, since mid / end of July 2012 under the control of the FSA (“Free Syrian Army”, ie terrorists and jihadists), is according to my (admittedly not too fresh) information one of the current interim targets of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). It looks like the trap would slowly snap and the masses of the Militia will gradually realize that they have to give in to their destruction.

kafr hama
kafr hama

The attempt of such a “general mobilization” proves that there appears to be no other way to replenish their ranks. While it is clear that civilians under arms, especially those who you have to force into the armed struggle, just suck fewer than nothing in terms of the combat power.

In the past, there may have been cases in which such a hastily thrown together posse were able to stop invading enemies for a while, as in the second World War II in the Battle of Moscow from the end of 1941 or at the so-called “Luga-line” between Pskov and Luga in the summer of 1941.

But it has little sense to compare this to the current situation in Aleppo – the mobilization in the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union followed a completely different quality of motivation, especially since the mobilized civilians probably knew at that time that their death means a gain of time in order to make some space for new lines of defense, in which the enemies could get stalled in again and again and is slowly demoralized – quite also at such a price.

The marauding rebels within and around Aleppo (Halab) would only gain some time till their own end.

There are no reserves for “lines of defense” in the enemy territory, therefore, the call is directed to “all the Muslims” and serves a priori weak and abstract level of group identification.

So here, we certainly have to do with an act of desperation. A remarkable effect will therefore most likely fail to materialise.

Source: apxwn

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  1. querdis

    Will the Assad Goverment stay until Terrorbrigades are destroyed.

    Never let it happend that the Western Fashism will enter the Syrian Home.

    Putin and China must help Syria People to figh against FSA-AL-Quaida Brigades. The MF are so sick, no Rules and no respect to Families of Syria. Hope the Iran Supporters will stay.


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