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Iran Sends Troops to Syria to Support the Syrian Army

Iran / Syria

According to new reports, Iran has finally decided to deploy about 4,000 troops to the neighboring country Syria in order to support the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in their fight against the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists.

While it is probably important to mention that the decision to send a contingent of about 4,000 men from the famous Iranian Revolutionary Guards to the neighboring country Syria in order to support the secular government in Damascus and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in their fight against the foreign-backed Islamists and terrorists was taken before the presidential election (June 14) in Iran.

The presidential election has brought the reformist cleric Hassan Rouhani into Power in Iran, although nothing will really change in the stances of Iran with this new president, following the steps of Ahmadinedschad.

According to these reports, Iran has allegedly proposed to Syria to “open up a new Syrian front on the Golan Heights against Israel” as a part of the efforts to protect and secure the Syrian leadership under President Bashar al-Assad. Of course, there are no official statement by Iranian authorities to these reports (Source) of this proposal by Syria`s strategic ally to the government in Damascus and about the deployment of about 4,000 men from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to the neighboring country in order to support the Syrian army in its battles against the foreign-backed jihadists and terrorists.

After the U.S. administration under the “drone killer” Barack Obama has decided to increase the military support for the al-Qaeda linked terrorists and Islamists in Syria, which have already proven to be far away from any human rights or democratic stances while they massacred endless Syrian citizens already, the next propaganda by Washington about the “use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime” is just a lie in order to maintain the propaganda and to brainwash the people. As Russia already said – the U.S. administration has no evidence and no facts for this accusations.

Iran / Syria
Iran / Syria

In addition, the Syrian government in the capital Damascus already said, that there is no evidence for these accusations and they denied the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). In addition, in these urban warfares, the use of chemical weapons would not be the best move or very smart in order to remove the foreign-backed rats and religious fanatics from Syrian soil and streets. Chemical weapons are mainly used in other types of warfares and if a nation has a lot of experiences with the use of chemical weapons then it is certainly America – just ask the people of e.g. Vietnam and the U.S. veterans. (Poor people.)

As stated, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has already said three days ago that the US military aid to Syrian terrorists may lead to further escalation of violence in Syria as well as in the Middle East. Lavrov stressed in his statements on friday that the US accusations of chemical weapons use by Damascus are “not supported by reliable facts” and this is correct.

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  1. M K

    Syrian officials and authorities have finally condemned the decision of the Egyptian Islamist regime to sever diplomatic relations with the Syrian government and to support the proxy-war of foreign powers within the borders of Syria as well as to support the jihadists and terrorists on Syrian soil in their fight against the secular government and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

  2. Nini

    Its time for every secular muslim to fight against extremist Islamic jihad muslim piggys! The ones who are remote controlled from the West!

    • Wafthrudnir

      Muslim piggys? What is this. I thought they were just rats, the Libyan ones, for example, whom I saw last year in Kempinski Amman. And please, don't talk in this way about THE WEST, as it is just the western elite. I don't see the big difference between West and East in this respect (apart from their capacities).


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