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Syria: Accusations of Chemical Attack False

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Pushkov: Obama should lose Nobel Prize if US starts war on Syria.

While the Syrian government in the capital Damascus has yet again rejected the allegations by Washington that the Syrian governance was behind the recent chemical weapons attack (poison gas) near the capital, one could hear from a Russian lawmaker a very understandable remark – Alexei Pushkov, head of the Russian parliament’s International Affairs Committee, said that the U.S. President Barack Obama should lose the Nobel Prize if Washington attacks Syria without an approval by the United Nations (UN).

Alexei Pushkov, a senior Russian lawmaker and certainly a very important in Moscow, published on Friday these new statements on the short-message service through his account there. The head of the Russian parliament’s International Affairs Committee, Mr. Pushkov, said in detail that in case if the United States launches its attack on Syria without a UN approval, then the international community should demand that U.S. President Barack Obama loses his Noble Prize.

The Russian lawmaker, Alexei Pushkov, further added to his understandable statement on that the U.S. administration in Washington has not the right to speak on the behalf of NATO, the United Nations or the global community.

Pushkov also stated on the short-message service afterwards that the refusal of the British Parliament to support the aggression against the Syrian government in Damascus “is a serious blow to the arguments of the supporters (of the military intervention in Syria) in both NATO and the US.”

Indeed, the vote of the British Parliament against the participation in military actions against Syria is certainly a blow for the backers of the Syrian conflict, the war profiteers and all the supporters of a military strike on Damascus.

However, although the majority of the British Parliament seems not completely willing to be a part of the possible US-led military intervention (war) in Syria, the UK vote in terms of Syria and the military response was not binding.

At least, the British Prime Minister David Cameron has suffered a historic defeat in the vote of the British Parliament about a military intervention in Syria and this is probably a good sign, even when Washington and Paris still seem to try everything to wage war on Syria – despite the lack of convincing evidence and the background sounds of the partly hypocritical rhetoric of war by the United States and France that is reminiscent of the baseless war against Iraq in 2003 – based on lies, faked documents and propaganda.

In terms of the statements by the head of the Russian parliament’s International Affairs Committee, Mr. Pushkov, about the Nobel Peace Prize of the U.S. President Barack Obama, who was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” it seems that there already reasons to strip Obama of this award – and Pakistan, Iraq, Libya and drones are just some keywords.

Further, many people support the deprivation of the Nobel Peace Prize for Barack Obama. For example, the website has already gathered almost 24,000 signatures on a petition to revoke the Nobel Peace Prize of U.S: President Barack Obama because of “his increasing intervention in Syria promises the loss of even more than the nearly 100,000 lives already needlessly sacrificed.”

Meanwhile, as mentioned, the Syrian governance in Damascus has yet again dismissed the allegations made by Washington, Paris, the regime in Tel Aviv and London that the government in Syria had something to do with the recent chemical weapons attack near the capital of the Arab country.

Obama written on a sidewalk in Toronto with chalk.
Obama written on a sidewalk in Toronto with chalk.

According to a source at the Foreign Ministry in Damascus, the recent remarks by the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, that the Syrian government was behind the recent poison gas attack (chemical weapons attack) near the capital Damascus are “based on old stories” and also “full of fabrication and lies.”

According to the statements by the source from the Syrian Foreign Ministry, the Foreign Minister in Damascus was very surprised at the efforts of the U.S. administration in Washington to “deceive its public opinion in such a naive manner.” In direction of the US Secretary of State John Kerry, the source from Syria also added that the claims by John Kerry are a “desperate attempt to talk the world into accepting the upcoming US aggression.”

US Secretary of State, John Kerry, said earlier on Friday that the US intelligence community “has high confidence” that the Syrian government used chemical weapons and that he is convinced that this is “is evidence” and “these are facts.” However, when indicators and “high confidence” becomes facts and evidence, then something starts to smell.

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