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syria 11 thousand jordanian and arab activists call for boycotting turkish government

Jan 23, 2013

AMMAN, (SANA)- Thousands of Jordanian and other Arab activists and committees called for a complete boycott of the Turkish government because of its hostile policy towards Syria and its support for the armed terrorist groups.

“Normalization with Turkey’s government doesn’t differ, in terms of gravity and damage, from normalization with the Zionist entity,” said a statement signed by around 11 thousands of Jordanian and Arab activists and bodies.

The signatories condemned the aggravating Turkish aggression on the Arab nation, and particularly on Syria through recruiting, arming, training and funding “the gangs of wabbabis” and terrorists to commit acts of killing, looting and sabotage against the Syrian people.

They lashed out at the standing political regime in Turkey for being “clearly hostile” towards the Arab nation, considering that any official, commercial or cultural establishments that are connected with this regime in any Arab country as “a colonialist aggressive base”.

The signatory participants in the statement reminded that Turkey was the first Islamic country to recognize the Zionist entity and start military, economic and political relations with it.

Among the bodies which signed the statement are the ‘Popular Committee for Defending Syria’, the gathering of ‘Jordanian Journalists and Intellectuals for Supporting Syria and the Resistance’, the Jordanian Popular Committee for Supporting Syria’ and the ‘Gathering of National Forces in Jordan’.

The statement was also signed by former deputy speaker of the Lebanese parliament, Elie al-Firzli, and the Archbishop of the Sebastian Roman Orthodox Church, Attallah Hanna.

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