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sunday times british terrorist killed in syria

LONDON, (SANA) – The Sunday Times newspaper acknowledged on Sunday that a British national was killed in Syria during his participation in military operations against the Syrian Army.

The newspaper said in a report that British national, Ibrahim al-Mizwaji, was killed two weeks ago,  pointing out that this is the first British national killed in Syria whose identity was revealed and that he is one of eighty British nationals believed to have traveled to Syria during the past two years to fight against the Syrian government.

Statistics show that the majority of terrorists who are fighting in Syria are foreigners and that they received facilitation from regional countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, while the western countries pushed them to this fate to get rid of them.

Every day, tens of terrorists from several countries are killed in Syria. Most of them were released from prison provided that they go to Syria directly; even Guantanamo detainees got involved in this.

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