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Sixteen New COVID-19 Cases in Syria Raising the Total to Eighty-Six

Coronavirus COVID-19 stats in Syria - May 24

There are 16 new cases of COVID-19 registered today, the first day of the Eid Fitr commemorating the end of the holy month of Ramadan in Syria among the Syrians returning to Syria from a number of countries, the Syrian Ministry of Health stated today.

The confirmed cases among the returnees were as follows: 6 from the United Arab Emirates, 2 from Sudan, 4 from Russia, and 4 from Kuwait, raising the total confirmed cases of the virus until today to 86.

The ministry added that 4 more cases have recovered from the virus making the total of recovered cases 41.

Four cases died among the cases registered positive with COVID-19 in the country until this date.

No new local COVID-19 cases registered this month in Syria.

A Russian national working at the Tartous port who tested positive for COVID 19 in the first test had a second test which returned negative results. The authorities in the Tartous port meanwhile sealed off the site and a test was carried out on all the workers and none of them tested positive with the virus.

The first recorded case of COVID-19 in Syria was on the 22nd of March and the first mortality of patients tested positive with the virus was on the 29th of the same month.

Syria has a considerably low number of COVID-19 positive cases despite the unprecedented inhumane blockade imposed on the country by the hypocrite humanitarian USA and its stooges which added pressure on international flights from and to the Syrian airports as a collective punishment for the Syrian people for not accepting to be ruled by fanatics of the anti-Islamic Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood al-Qaeda terrorists and for refusing to divide their country into sectarian and religious cantons to justify the establishment of a ‘Jewish’ state for the Anti-Christ servants on occupied Palestine.

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Israel commits blasphemy by calling itself “the Jewish state.” According to Torah, all mitzvot must be fulfilled by all of Jewry, in order for the metaphoric ‘land of milk and honey’ to be actualized.

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  1. Arabi Souri

    20 additional cases positive with COVID-19 today among the returnees from abroad: 15 from Kuwait, 3 from Sudan, 1 from Russia, and one from the UAE, now the total number is 106 cases. Update 25 May 2020. Other figures are the same.


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