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Several Civilians Injured in a Motorbike Explosion in Tal Abyad Countryside

Motorbike Explosion in Tal Abyad - Raqqa northern countryside

Several civilians were injured in a motorbike explosion in the town of Suluk, Tal Abyad countryside, northern Raqqa province.

The area is infested with al-Qaeda assorted terrorist groups loyal to the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood madman Erdogan of Turkey.

Local sources reported that the explosion of the motorbike was strong enough to cause several injuries among passerby civilians and material damage in houses and properties.

Suluk is a town in Tal Abyad region bordering Turkey in the far north of Raqqa province, and it’s one of the main cities the Turkish madman Erdogan plagued with his terrorists, many of which are not Syrians, and all follow his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood religion, the same religion of Ayman Zawahri of al-Qaeda.

Terrorists of al-Qaeda and its affiliates with the help of the Turkish army took over the city and immediately started the Turkification of it after enforcing a demographic change (Israelize) replacing its people with Syrian settlers from other regions and from non-Syrians who share the dream of reviving the most-hated Ottoman empire under the guise of reviving the last Islamic caliphate where in reality the Ottoman empire was everything else except Islamic from fighting Arabic, the language of Quran, to oppressing scientists of non-Turkish origins, destroyed schools, and waged wars and horrible atrocities against all neighbors, all of which Islam came to fight.

Unrest is the main feature wherever the Turkish army and its allies of al-Qaeda and its affiliates have infested throughout the northern regions they still occupy in Syria, despite the countless times Erdogan committed himself in writing to the territorial integrity and respecting the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic!

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